Welcome parents and athletes to the 2015 track season! I am excited to see returning athletes and meet new faces. Just a reminder practice starts this Tuesday, February 10, and we will be practicing at Arroyo Verde Park from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. The Gremlins group will be located at the end of the first parking lot. You will see two conjoined picnic tables; that is us. There is a bit of a change this season regarding athletes. The following is from our board:

During the first week of practice, we need to make sure everyone has verified their age and their paperwork is in order.  Please notify your teams of the following process:
  • When arriving at practice, athletes need to get their name tag.  There will be a board member at each age group that will be handing them out.
  • If all of the paperwork is order, they will be given their name tags and they can continue to practice.
  • If they have any issues with their paperwork, the board member will instruct them to head to the central tent to hand in anything that is missing.
  • Once everything is in order, they can come back to the table to get their name tag and continue to practice.
Athletes that do not have their paperwork in order will NOT be allowed to participate in practice.


So, if you aren’t sure if your athlete has all paper work required I recommend bringing a copy just in case. Also, I will be holding a parents meeting once the athletes start practice. I ask that all parents be there since it is a great opportunity for us to meet and for you to ask any questions.

Finally, to prepare your athlete for practice, they will need the following:

A water bottle (preferably with the athletes name on it)


Comfortable work out clothes

A warm pair of sweats for after practice (also labeled)

A bag to put everything in (labeled with athletes name)


I am really excited for this year and know great things will come from your athletes! See you Tuesday!!!

Coach Michelle