This Saturday (3/7) is our Practice Meet.  The purpose of the meet is for parent volunteers to learn their volunteer jobs and for the team to work out any kinks before the first real meet.

Please have both parents and athletes at Buena’s track by 8:00.  If parents have a volunteer job that requires an earlier arrival, please show up when instructed by the volunteer coordinator.

There may be some down time prior to the start of the meet, so please be patient.  Once all of the volunteer areas have learned their jobs and are ready, the meet will start.  This is an abbreviated meet, so we expect to be finished some time around noon.

As a reminder, the Youth/Intermediate team will be Tie Dyeing shirts first thing, before the meet begins.  If you have not paid for a shirt, you can bring $5 to the meet.  If you will not be at the meet and want a shirt, please let us know and we can make sure one is dyed for you.

There will also be a food truck and snow cones at the meet.  Let’s have some fun this Saturday!