Lot’s of great efforts on Saturday, I hope everyone had fun! Results should be up on the website today or tomorrow.

If you have not done so already, please log on to the Tigre website for the season schedule. This weekend’s meet will be against Thousand Oaks, hosted by the Tigres at Buena. The meet will start at 8:30 a.m. The pace of the meet depends a lot on the number of entries, so by following the schedule you can judge approximately when your athlete(s) will compete. We will be going over the event schedule with the athletes this week as well.

We continue to encourage all athletes to try the speciality events. However, if an athlete wants to complete in the long jump, high jump, hurdles or shot put, they should practice them during the week. If they are practicing them during the week, they should be competing in the event(s) at the meets. We hope that most athletes can make it to the meets, but we understand that conflicts can occur. If you know that your athlete will not be able to make it to the meet for the coming weekend, please remind them not to sign up, particularly for the relays. Changing relay teams at the last minute can be a bit tricky.

Another thing that I will be reviewing this week is that only athletes who are competing or warming up are allowed on the track or field. If athletes or parents become spectators it can impede the efficiency of the volunteers doing their best to run the meet. Parents and athletes are always encouraged to go by the fencing around the track and encourage their athletes/teammates.

Buena’s track team is using the track again this Thursday (3-14) for a track meet so we will be at Arroyo Verde park again that day.

See you at the Track!

Coach Eric

Order of Events