1) Team pictures will be taken at practice this Tuesday, April 7th. Please be sure to have your runners wear their Tigres uniforms to practice that day!!

2) There’s a home track meet at Buena High School this Wednesday, April 8th. We will hold practice at the usual time- 4:30 to 6:00- but at Arroyo Verde park. Please meet at the swings, like old times…!

Lastly, and please work with us on this one as it is really important to ensuring your kids stay safe:

3) If your kids are hurt and unable to participate in practice, please keep them home until they are feeling better. One, they need to do what is necessary to heal, and two, it is really difficult for us to coach our various specialty workouts and at the same time keep an eye on athletes who are unable to participate in practice. On the same note, if athletes are injured during practice or for any other reason are unable to fully participate in the workout, we will need to call you and have you pick them up as soon as possible, or, if you aren’t available, we’ll need to call your emergency contact. Your kids will be waiting for you in the bleachers when you arrive, but please let us know when you pick them up.

Again, it is just is not possible for us to keep an eye on non-participants while at the same time actively staying actively engaged in coaching those kids who are participating fully in the workout, and your kid’s safety is a top priority to us as I’m sure it is to you.

Glad to have y’all back from Spring Break, we missed running with you!

Run fast,

The Tigres Youth and Intermediate Coaching Staff