As we’ve mentioned before, a goal of ours is to send as many athletes as possible to the Co-Conference Championships on May 18th.  You can qualify for that meet from both the Conference Finals on May 4th and the Conference Championships on May 11th.  However, it is critical that we get confirmations of those that can attend and participate in the relays that are contenders for those spots at the Co-Conference Championships and that we are notified if candidates for those teams can NOT attend.  In the list below, you will see the athletes we have asked or would like to be on one of those contending teams.  The first list is the relay teams for the Conference Finals on May 4th and the second list is for the Conference Championship on May 11th.  Please let us know if you athlete is listed for a relay on a date they can NOT attend.  Email or call/text 650-678-3681.  If an athlete is not listed below, but will be competing on May 4th, they may still sign up for a relay team as usual.

Relay Candidates for the Conference Finals (May 4th)

Bennet Torgerson (4×400)

Gavin Calderon (4×400)

David Reyes (4×400)

Daniel Ortiz (4×400)

Justin DeLeon (4×400 alternate)

Nathan Buehner (4×400 Alternate)

Soren Saye (4×400 Alternate)

Cailyn Mobley (4×100, 4×400)

Brigit Fitzgerald (4×100, 4×400 Alternate)

Amelia Mcleod (4×100)

Elsa Safranski (4×100, 4×400)

Mekaela Villa (4×100, 4×400)

Sierra Engel (4×100)

Celeste Briscoe (4×100)

Alyx Perez (4×100, 4×400)

Esja Moore (4×100 Alternate, 4×400)

Taylor Leslie (4×100 Alternate, 4×400)

Juliette Nasarenko (4×100 Alternate)

Taylor King (4×400)

Sofia Stepan (4×400)

Violet Hurguy (4×400)

Savannah Sprinkle (4×400)

Jaiden Espinoza (4×400)

Rayanne Reyes (4×400)

Natalie Hoff (4×400 Alternate)

Relay Candidates for Conference Championships (May 11th)

Lovi Jones (4×100)

Donnea Prehn (4×100, 4×400)

Ryan Mendez (4×100, 4×400)

Savannah Sprinkle (4×100)

Ava Okun (4×100, 4×400)

Jaiden Espinoza (4×100)

Ryan Maquinalez (4×100, 4×400)

Jailyn Batis (4×100, 4×400)

Lily Shadden (4×400)

Sadie Engelhardt (4×400)

Chelsea Ochoa (4×400)

Jacob Jeffries (4×100, 4×400)

Merric Bayless (4×100, 4×400)

Michael Torres (4×400)

Grant Baysinger (4×400)

Henry Hammel (4×400)

Ethan Scalfaro (4×100, 4×400)

Braeden Elliot (4×100, 4×400)

Zac Crist (4×400)

Justin DeLeon (4×100)

Jo Thomas (4×100)

Gavin Calderon (4×100)

Oliver Deleon (4×100)