Please read the below event sign up information carefully!!!

This week at practice, we will be having event sign up sheets for our next two meets.

This week’s meet at Moorpark will be the usual process, with the usual event limits, etc.

However, the sign up sheet for the Southern California Youth Invitational (April 13-14) will also be at practice and is a very different meet.  First of all, please understand this is NOT an elite meet.  It is a fantastic meet for all athletes to run against competition that is close to them, giving them a great chance to be pushed to a PR.  Because there are so many athletes, heats are typically filled with athletes of very similar abilities.

It is also a great opportunity to see what a high school invitational is like, with 15 teams and close to 2000 athletes competing over two days.  This does not mean you have to be at the track for two days, but can plan your events to whatever is convenient for you to attend.  We really hope to see as many Tigres participating at this meet as possible.

Unlike our normal dual meets, the meet is pre seeded, meaning you MUST sign up in advance and NO MEET DAY ADDITIONS are allowed.  Entries are due NO LATER THAN April 10th, so we are giving athletes plenty of time to choose their events.

Event limits are also different than a normal dual meet, with a maximum of tree events allowed.  An athlete can either do two individual events and one relay or two relays and one individual event.  Field events and running events are both considered individual events (participating without a team).

Please see the meet flyer here:

I know this can be very complicated, but please read through the info above carefully.  If you have any questions, please email or call/text 650-678-3681