Youth and Intermediate Athletes,

The 7th Annual Southern California Youth Invitational Track Meet will be held at its new venue at Royal High School in Simi Valley on Saturday and Sunday, April 9th & 10th . This is a dual conference meet with our conference and the Southern California Youth Track Conference. This is a great opportunity to experience one of the best track meets around with over 2000 athletes from all different levels!

  • Events are spread out over the two days of the track meet.
  • Event Limits: Youth may participate in up to 2 individual events (track or field), plus 1 relay, or 1 individual event plus 2 relays.
  • Event Limits: Intermediates Women & Men: up to 3 individual events.
  • STRICTLY ENFORCED (sanction for over–eventing, is DQ for all events participated in).
  • Coaches will be assembling the relay teams
  • The deadline to register for this meet is next Monday April 4th

It is very important that we get their event sign ups prior to the end of practice on Monday.  We will have the clipboard at practice all this week, starting on Tuesday, so sign up.  This meet is unlike our normal dual meets where athletes can be added on the spot or we can take sign ups up until the meet.  If we don’t receive the athletes events prior to the end of practice next Monday (April 4th), they will not be able to compete in the meet.  If you will be missing practice this week, please email the events to

The order of events can be found here:


Please check out for more information on this meet. I would encourage as many of the athletes to participate in this meet as possible.

Coach Mike