Weather has been a challenge so far this season with cold practices, but Saturday was something we don’t deal with often – RAIN!!!  I’m sure everyone was soaked by the time the meet was over, but the enthusiasm, team bonding, sportsmanship and performances didn’t seem to be bothered at all by the conditions.

PR’s (personal records) don’t happen every time an athlete competes and it is usually more rare when the conditions are less than ideal.  However, I am blown away by how much our team improved in one short week.  To demonstrate just how amazing everyone did, there were 45 instances of athletes who competed in the same event on Saturday as they did in the practice meet last weekend.  Of those 45, 34 were PR’s!!!  That is AMAZING, especially considering the conditions!  One area that especially stood out is the girl’s 1600 meters where 6 girls who competed at the practice meet also competed on Saturday.  Between those 6 girls, they cut a total of 80 seconds off there time – over 13 seconds per athlete!!!

This kind of improvement doesn’t happen without working hard at practices.  It is impressive to see how the athletes are feeding off of each other in workouts, challenging themselves and their teammates.  Between the hard work and the friendships that are forming, this is turning out to be a special team.  We can’t wait to see what they can accomplish!

This week, we are traveling to Moorpark to face the Striders.  As usual, the event sign up sheets will be at practice all week.  Please sign up as early as possible.  Remember, if you sign up for the 4×100 relay, we need to know if something comes up and you can’t make it.  We also need to make sure 4×100 athletes are ON THE FIELD at 8:45.

Looking forward to another great week of practices!

If you have any questions, please email or call 650-678-3681.