All of us coaches were so impressed with the team at the Heritage Valley meet that I don’t think we expected to see what we saw on Saturday – WOW!  THIS TEAM WAS ON FIRE!  It shouldn’t have been a surprise after last week’s practices, but the the team continues to get better at an amazing rate.  Realizing that it was some athlete’s first time competing in an event, it is still unbelievable that 76% of the performances were PR’s (119 of 156).  Some of the PR’s were not tiny, but massive improvements.  You can see the results at:  Pay close attention to how many marks have the PR next to them.

We can also see the team start to build some great friendships and bonds as well as become better leaders.  There are also a few athletes who got out of their comfort zones with some new events.  Please encourage them at home to keep looking for new opportunities to try events at specialty practices.  It’s not too late!

The next two weeks are a very important time in the season.  We have some big meets coming up with the Southern California Youth Championships right around the corner and the toughest clubs in the conference following right after.  Please do your best to be as consistent as possible with practice attendance and if your family will be going out of town for Spring break, PLEASE do your best to get in workouts (the workout schedule is posted on the website).

If you have any questions, please email or call/text 650-678-3681