Tomorrow is the practice meet and reminder that is a PRACTICE meet.  There will be some mistakes made, delays, goof ups and probably a general feeling of chaos, but hopefully going through it tomorrow will make our first meet much smoother.  Volunteers and athletes – please be patient as we all learn our volunteer roles, meet flow and work out the kinks.

The meet starts at 2:30 and should probably last around 3 hours.  All Youth and Intermediate athletes should be there by 2:00 so we can go over meet information with the entire team.

The order of events can be found here:  Other than the 3200 and 4×400 meter relay, all events will be held.  However, for this meet only, the Youth and Intermediate team will only have the choice of the following events:

200 meters

400 meters

1600 meters

Hurdles (must be cleared by coaches)

High Jump (must have cleared opening height in High Jump).

Please check with the hurdle and high jump coaches prior to the start of the meet if you are unsure if you are cleared.

Please wear your uniform (they will be selling/distributing them if you don’t have it yet), bring plenty of warm clothing and spikes if you plan on competing in them.  Please remember to label absolutely everything you bring.

We can’t wait to see the Youth and Intermediate team compete, even if it is against ourselves!!!