Thank you to all the parent volunteers for making the practice meet great.  There are always some mix ups and issues that cause confusion, but from the coaches and athletes perspective, the meet was really well run.

All of us coaches were thrilled to see our team supporting each other, helping the new athletes get warmed up and through the staging process, cheering each other on and showing some outstanding sportsmanship.  It was also amazing to see how hard they all competed.  We told the athletes the meet was just a starting point.  There are going to be some huge improvements as the season goes on, but if Saturday was any indication of what lies ahead, this is going to be a season to remember for sure!

Adding a full compliment of event choices for the rest of the meets is going to give more opportunities for athletes to find “their event(s)” and really come together as a team with relays – especially the 4×400 where the Tigres always make a mark.  Please encourage the athletes to branch out and try something new!

Looking forward to seeing this group compete against the rest of the VCYTC!