Great meet last week as the PR’s continue to pile up.  Check out to see how the athletes are doing and how they stack up against the rest of the VCYTC.

This week should be a great meet, with the late start (1:00 pm), a beautiful day forecasted and a great facility at Westlake High School.

Although the meet start time is later, we will follow the same order of events.  So, that means the 4×100’s need to be ON THE FIELD no later than 1:15.

Also, we will be talking about this with the team as well, but for the championship meets at the end of the season, athletes need to have competed in an event prior, in order to allow them to do that event in either the league finals (all are invited) or the conference championship (must qualify based on performance).  So, it’s time to branch out and give new events a try.

Can’t wait to see how the team does this weekend, especially the 4×400 which should be under the lights just like a high school meet!