First of all, I want to apologize to any of the athletes that were not allowed to compete because of mistakes made in the entries.  It was my fault for not thoroughly looking through the meet program to verify all of the entries.  I’m very sorry.  Also, we had some confusion over the boy’s 4×100 relay team and a DQ and I also want to apologize to any of the athletes that might have been left out of that situation.

On to the good stuff!  That was a very competitive meet with some amazing athletes!  It just so happens, many of those amazing athletes were our Tigres!  Out of the 209 medals that were given out to the boys and girls in the youth division, Tigres collected 38 of them.  That is over 18% of the possible medals, with 15 teams competing.  If there was an even distribution among the 15 teams, that would be just under 14 medals per team.  Not a bad representation of Tigres at all!!!  It was so great to see so many PR’s!  We had several events where just about all of the participants PR’d.  Watching how hard our team competed was truly inspirational!

Even more impressive than the performances, I had three separate coaches tell me how impressed they were with displays of sportsmanship by our team.  There is no better compliment than when other teams notice how our team treats other competitors.

We have two more dual meets remaining against probably the strongest two clubs in the VCYTC.  I can’t wait to see how our team responds to the competition.  I have a feeling we are in store for some even more amazing performances!  Please make an effort to attend as many practices as possible over the next few weeks as the season is coming to a close quickly.