After each meet, the Youth/Intermediate team will be posting a few videos to recognize some great performances.  It isn’t necessarily the fastest race, but rather a great race for that person.  It also doesn’t mean there weren’t other great races, but we pick performances that stick out (along with footage that was useable :)).

A boy and a girl sprinter will have a “Bolt of the Week” video.  Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world, so the video is named after him for what we think are great races.

A boy and a girl distance runner will have the “Kick of the Week” video to recognize amazing races with great finishes (a finish is referred to as a kick).

So, for the practice meet, please congratulate the athletes in this week’s videos!

Girl’s Bolt of the Week

Boy’s Bolt of the Week

Girl’s Kick of the Week

Boy’s Kick of the Week