What a fun couple of days watching some great performances.  We were definitely short handed with about half of our athletes not able to attend, but there were still some great performances and it sure seemed like the athletes had a great time.

Now on to the plea.  With Spring break, the DC trip for the 8th graders and some illnesses hopefully behind us, we have two more meets until the championship meets start.  That leaves three weeks of practice.  Three weeks to give everything our athletes have to get PR’s, earn positions on relay teams and fight for positions at the Conference Championships and Co-Conference Championships.  Three weeks of really solid practice and a couple of meets can make for some big improvements.

So, I’m making a plea from all of us coaches, to do everything athletes can to make as many practices as possible for the next three weeks.  We’re getting close to the end and we all really want to see each and every athlete do their best and reach their goals.  We won’t be having practice this Thursday due to a track meet at Buena, but it would be great to hear about teammates getting together and getting in workouts on their own.  You all have access to the training plan and know what to do.  Let’s make the next three weeks the best weeks of the season to set everyone up for a GREAT end of season!!!

Hope to see everyone this week!!!

If you have any questions, please email youth@venturatigres.org or call 650-678-3681.