Gremlins Head Coach

Autumn Watson

Gremlins – 4/12 (Thursday) practice location change

Hi Gremlin families,

Just a quick reminder that due to the meet at Buena tomorrow, we will be practicing at Arroyo Verde Park. Practice will be shorter since we will not be able to practice relay, so we should be done by 5:30.

I will have the sign ins and event sign ups on a table at the park. If you will not be there tomorrow, please email me the events that your athlete has chosen for this week.



Gremlins – upcoming week

Hi Gremlin Families!

I hope you all had a fun weekend; I missed seeing our Gremlin athletes at the Invitational!

The next two weeks of practice are very important, as we all are striving to help your athletes reach their goals for the season. Practice on THURSDAY is changing locations to ARROYO VERDE since Buena is hosting a track meet that day. This close to the end of the season, we do not want to miss a day!

We have two “regular” meets left in the season, and both are at home! These are the last two meets for your athletes to earn a position in the Championships. When you see the sign-in sheets for our upcoming home meet with the Ojai Roadrunners, you will see that for some of the athletes, their events are highlighted. If the color is yellow, they are likely to advance to Championships in that event, if the color is blue, they are on the cusp of advancing, and if they are interested in that event, they should probably run it again. Along with the color, there is a small number which is their current placement in the league. If your athlete does advance, the Championships are on May 5th and the top finishers out of that day will move on to May 12th.

With the top 9 in the 100, 200, 400, and long jump advancing and the top 12 in the 800 and the 1600 moving on, the number of athletes qualifying for Championships is small and for most, their last meet will be on April 28. The April 28th meet is a fantastic event where the athletes get to shine, and many have their best races on that final day.

There is still time for your athlete to try something new, so please talk to them about what else they want to accomplish this season!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email, call, or catch me by the fence 🙂


Gremlins – upcoming week info

Gremlin families,

What an amazing meet yesterday! Your athletes are putting their hearts into all of the events, and the Gremlin coaches are loving watching their performances! Even with the heat, there were so many PRs and so many kids branching out and trying new things. We are having such a fun season!

For this upcoming week, we WILL have practice (even with Spring Break), but the So Cal Youth Invitational this weekend (April 7-8) is NOT a gremlin meet.

At this point, we have two meets left in the regular season before Conference Finals. All athletes will be able to compete in Conference Finals (4/28) unless they have qualified for Championships. For those that have not qualified, Conference Finals (4/28) will be their last meet of the season.

In order to qualify, your athlete must be in the top 9 in the 100, 200, and 400 and the top 12 in the 800, 1600, and Long Jump. You can see these standings in The easiest way to find these is on the link on our webpage under Meet Results and the VCYTC Top marks. These standings are not yet set, and if your athlete is close we will encourage them to compete in those events. For those that do qualify, the Championship meet will be on 5/5, and for those that qualify out of that meet, they will go on to the Co-Championships on 5/12.

I know that this time in the season may be confusing if you are new to Tigres, so please never hesitate to ask!

See you soon,


Gremlins – Saturday’s meet

Good Morning,

We have had an update to Saturday’s meet schedule. The start time is at 1:00, so please have your athlete checked in and in the stands by 12:30. Saturday’s meet is at Westlake High School 100 Lakeview Canyon Road, Thousand Oaks. The weather looks nice, but with the later start time we will be finishing in early evening so they will likely need their sweats along with their snacks and sunscreen.

If you are not going to be at practice tonight, and have not yet signed up for Saturday’s events, please email me today. Also, if your athlete will not be at the meet this weekend, please let me know.

Thanks so much!


Gremlins – upcoming week

Hi Families,

I am looking forward to fun full rain free week of practice with your athletes! Our meet this week is with the Thousand Oaks Flyers, but at WESTLAKE HIGH SCHOOL (100 Lakeview Canyon Road Thousand Oaks). The start time is 12:00, so we will meet at 11:30 in the stands.

I have compiled a massive collection of Tigres gear from the last two meets! I will hang what I have up on the fence by our clipboards during Tuesday and Thursday’s practice, and put everything that is unclaimed in Lost and Found after Thursday. Please check the sweatshirts you picked up from the stands on Saturday, I know of at least one athlete whose black Tigres sweatshirt (labeled) was picked up by mistake.

Thanks again for all the support!


Gremlins – Meet info

Hi Gremlin families,

Just a quick reminder that we are meeting at 8:00 at Oxnard High School tomorrow. As always, we will meet in the stands to distribute the athlete stickers and write their number on their hand. Our weather has been so unpredictable this season; looking at tomorrow’s forecast it could be chilly, sunny, windy, or all three! Please plan and pack accordingly with water, snacks, sunscreen, and warm clothes. I have a couple of Tigres sweatshirts that were left at the last meet that I will bring with me tomorrow.

See you soon,


Gremlins – YES Practice today

Hi Families,

It looks like there will be a break in the rain until about 5:15 so Gremlins are still going to have practice today. It is, as always, totally optional and the coaches understand if you will not be able to make it. If you will not be there, and did not sign up your athlete on Tuesday for their meet events, please email me by tonight with their choices.



Gremlins – Meet recap and upcoming week info

Good Morning Gremlin families,

It was such a fun meet yesterday! There were so many smiles, so many fantastic races, and SO many PRs! I just finished recording all of the PRs for our team, and I am blown away at their tremendous progress. Your athletes are really putting in the effort during practice, and it is showing in their performances. The Gremlin coaches are having a great time with your kids, and we appreciate all of your support. already has yesterday’s results posted. The website is a great resource for you watch your athlete’s progress from these beginning years all the way through their track and field experience. You can search for our team, or you can search by athlete name and see all of their times.

Our meet next week on the 24th is with the Oxnard Stars at Oxnard High School. Like always, we will meet at 8:00 in the bleachers.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

See you soon and enjoy your Sunday,


Gremlins – Meet reminders

I hope you and your athlete are looking forward to our meet tomorrow. Please arrive at Moorpark High School by 8:00 and meet the coaches and team parents under the first Tigres canopy in the stands. We need this early arrival before the start of each meet to get the athletes their stickers, write their numbers on their hands, and walk them down to long jump.

Your athlete will need a sweatshirt and sweats (labeled), water, lunch, snacks, and sunscreen. Please take the time to label EVERYTHING! They often leave their warm clothing on the field, and the labeling makes it so much easier to find!!

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


Gremlin – practice and meet sign ups

Hi Gremlin families,

I know you may be looking out your window at the rain and wondering about practice LOL, but my radar is showing me that the rain will end right before 4:15, so we are still ON for today 🙂

Today is our only scheduled practice for this week, so please sign your athlete up for their events for this Saturday’s meet at Moorpark HS. Just as a reminder, we will be meeting at Moorpark at 8:00, and the order of events is the same as last week.

Long Jump







If you will not be at practice today, please email me as soon as you can with the events that your athlete would like to try. If you will not be attending the meet this week, please let me know that as well.

See you soon,