11-12 Head Coach

Kate Heller & Kathleen Baker

12U Update: Practice Meet March 5th

Hi 12U families,

Our athletes have been training hard, and we are all so excited that the meets are about to begin!

Our practice meet is this Saturday, March 5th at Buena High School. The event options are limited for this meet since the primary focus is training the volunteers. For this meet only, 12U will be able to participate in 1 field event and 2 running events. 

Our field options for this meet are the Shot Put and the High Jump. Athletes must pre-qualify to compete in the High Jump and may attempt to do so at specialty practices on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays.

Our running choices for this meet are:

  • Hurdles (pre-qualification required)
  • 4X100 Relay
  • 800
  • 200
  • 4X400 (This is a “free” event that does not count towards their total running events. Tigres is known for our numerous 4×400 teams and we want to keep this fun tradition alive!)

The event sign-up sheets will be on clipboards by the Coach’s bag on both Monday and Wednesday. We would like your athletes to sign themselves up for their events to increase their independence at the meets by knowing what events they chose. If your athlete will not attend the practice meet, we’ll ask them to draw a line through their name. If they plan to participate but are not at practice this week, feel free to email us their choices by Wednesday evening.

The meet is scheduled to begin at 8:30. Please have your athlete arrive by 8:00 and meet us by the Coaches bag on the field (near where we warm-up). We meet 30 minutes before the start of each Meet to get the athletes their stickers, warm them up, and make last-minute adjustments to relay teams.

We expect that the athletes will be independent at the meets. This means that they are nearby coaches and are ready to run when called for their event. Each athlete will receive a list of their events on their sticker at check-in. Coaches will not remind athletes throughout the meet of their schedule. Coaches will also not search for athletes who are not nearby when they are called to compete. If an athlete misses their race, they will not be rescheduled for a later heat.

Your athlete will need sweats (labeled), water, snacks, and sunscreen. I recommend that they have a bag with water and their sweats on the field, but keep their food in the stands with the 12U EZ-Up. There is no food allowed on the track.

Saturday will be shorter than a typical meet, but it is a great way to get a feel for what happens at our real meets, and for our parent volunteers to learn their jobs.

Thanks so much!

Kate (323)687-8515

Kat (202)412-3105


12U First Practice Today!!

Hello 12U families!
We are excited to meet all of your runners today and to start a new season of Tigres! Some helpful info for practice and drop offs:

– Gates into the track and field open at 4:30 and no sooner. Our group will be meeting in front of the “away” bleachers near the 30 yard line. Just send them our way.
– Make sure to bring WATER! It’s going to be a hot one. * Please note that water is the only food/beverage allowed on the Buena field. We are guests- let’s be sure to respect the rules.
– Please write names on anything extra that might get set down (jackets, hats, water bottles). It seems that we always end up with a tupperware full of lost items.
– Today practice will end at SUNDOWN. Which most likely means 5:40/5:45.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick up your runner(s) on time…. as mentioned in the parent zoom. We all have other commitments, kids to pick up from other practices, and dinner to make!

*feel free to email with questions or concerns. We try to respond as quickly as our lives allow.

See you at 4:30!

2022 Tigres U12

Hello U12 Tigres,

We are looking forward to meeting all our U12 runners and are excited to kick off the 2022 season!

Here are a few reminders and some new announcements:

1.  Parent’s meeting (virtual) has been announced for Monday, Feb 7 @ 6:30.  Please register using this link: https://carorg.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYsduqprDwiGNCCYqu6Eimuez11n-bg_egZ

2.  Practices begin Wednesday, Feb 9 @ 4:30 pm on the Buena HS track.  They will end at sundown (approximately 5:45) until there is enough daylight to get us to the standard 6:00pm end time. Please be on time to pick up your runners! The full practice schedule is posted on a website splash page here.

3.  Fun Runs will be held for the next 3 Sundays from 2-3 PM at Camino Real Park – starting tomorrow, Jan 23! VERY unofficial, VERY informal, VERY voluntary.  Please park in the first lot on the right as you enter the park and pay any entry fees (if applicable.) Please note: You must be in attendance the entire time if you choose to bring your child – this is not a drop-off event.

4.  ASSISTANT AND SPECIALTY COACHES NEEDED!  We have nearly 100 athletes in our U12 age group and are in need of Assistant Coaches as well as Specialty Coaches to help keep practices and meets running smoothly.  No experience is required.  Email us at 12U@venturatigres.org to be a Giant help. A HUGE Thank You to those who have already responded.

We know your young athletes have been chomping at the bit to get started.  We can’t wait to see their enthusiastic faces flying around that track!

-Coaches Kate Heller and Kathleen Baker
Email: 12U@venturatigres.org
Tigres Website: www.venturatigres.org

Expect more communication as the first-week approaches…

12u/Midgets Ojai Meet Details +

Hello, All-
The Practice Meet this past Saturday was a great success! Despite having a limited offering, our athletes set the bar high with their amazing performances. Official Meets with the full slate of events begin this Saturday in Ojai!  Before I get into details on the meet, I have a few items to touch on:

  1. Specialty Practices are Cancelled at Buena today and the following 3 Thursdays for High School track meets. I will let you know when Thursday specialty practices will resume.
  2. SIGN UPS for those who did not attend the Monday or Wednesday team practices – Please let me know by tonight in which events they would like to participate & please set yourself a weekly reminder.  4 Events Maximum, with a Maximum of 3 running. Tigres have always done well and had a ton of participation in the 4×400 Relay… a freebie event which does not count against the maximums.
  3. I already have a small duffel of Lost and Found items with no legible names. Let me know if your child left some sweatpants or a sweatshirt.

On Saturday, the meet begins at 1PM but  Athletes participating in the following events MUST check in by 12:30PM:  3200M, Hurdles, 4×100 Relay.  All other athletes should arrive at 1 to help cheer on our team mates.  For those families new to Tigres, track meets can be a lengthy affair – temperatures might drop as sunset nears on Saturday.  Other details can be found on the March 10 full team announcement.

I can’t wait to see how well they will do!

-Coach Spencer


Nordhoff High School, 1401 Maricopa Hwy, Ojai, CA 93023

12U/Midget Practice Meet Details

In just over 12 hours, the Practice Meet will be underway – and our age group competes in the first 2 events!

If your athlete is competing in the Hurdles, 4×100 Relay, or Shot Put – please have them dressed in uniform and at the field by 8AM.   12U/Midgets meet on the 40 yard line near the center of the field during meets.  All other competing athletes (800M & 200M) should arrive by 9:30AM, but are encouraged to be there earlier to cheer on the team.  Regular Meet event times are unpredictable… this Practice Meet event times are even more so!

A few reminders-  1.  Wear Sunscreen and bring water.     2.  Only Water on the field – Food or other beverages are only permitted off the field area.    3.  Only Coaches, Athletes, and Actively Working Volunteers are to be in the Track/Field area inside the fence.

Volunteer information, last minute uniform pickup info, and a link to the order of events were sent in an email earlier this week and can also be found on the Tigres home page.

See you tomorrow…  This is going to be FUN!

-Coach Spencer

12u/Midgets Practice Meet Sign Ups – last call

Hello, Parents!
Your athletes have been practicing hard and they are really looking forward to Saturday!
Most athletes have signed up for their events, but some have not! If you child plans on competing this weekend, please just ask them if they signed up. If they did not sign up, please let me know their event(s) by tonight.

More details on the meet will be sent out tomorrow.

-Coach Spencer

12u/Midgets – Practice Meet SignUps

The Tigres practice meet is this Saturday – I will have the event signup sheet at practice on Monday and Wednesday. The practice meet is a condensed version of a regular season meet, with the main purpose of training the volunteers.  The 12u/Midget athletes do have the opportunity to show their stuff in the following events at the practice meet:

Hurdles, 4×100 Relay, 800m, 200m, & Shot Put.

For the practice meet, the event limit is 3 total events, with a maximum of 2 running events. Please note, to participate in Hurdles, athletes must be cleared by the Hurdles coaches at specialty practice (must be able to safely run a flight of hurdles).

See you on the track!

12U/Midgets Week 3

Another good week for the athletes – We are attempting to ease them in (training plan in mind), but many are ready to jump into mid-season form!
Important TODAY– the bathrooms will not be open due to school closure. Please give your athlete a reminder to go before leaving for practice.

Reminder- For Safety Reasons, Athletes must be cleared by the Specialty Coach to participate in those events (Hurdles, High Jump, ShotPut, & Long Jump) at a meet.  Here’s the link to the Specialty Practice Schedule   https://www.venturatigres.org/practice

See you at the Track!


Excellent Practice#1… On to a FULL Week!

Hello, 12U/Midget Tigre Parents!
We had a terrific first practice! It was great seeing so many familiar faces and meeting our newcomers! Our toe was dipped in the practice pool, and now– On to our first full week of practice! Yes, there is something to do every weekday, should you so choose. The practice schedule can be found in the following link.

Practice Schedule

Full team practices are held on Maintenance Monday and Warrior Wednesday, while Specialty events (Shot Put, Long Jump, Hurdles, and High Jump) have practice on the other three weekdays. For our new 12u/Midgets, this will be the first opportunity to compete in hurdles and high jump, and I have already heard directly from several athletes of their eagerness. I must point out that, for safety, the athletes MUST be cleared by the specialty coach to participate in those events at a meet. To be clear, your athlete must attend the specialty practices at least until they are cleared if they intend to compete at a meet (and, hopefully, regularly thereafter). We have amazing Specialty coaches and I highly encourage all of our athletes to give ALL events a try. Last on topic- please keep Relays in front of mind! Tigres have always been very successful in Relays and we love to see our Orange and Black stripes fill the lanes.

We will continue to follow the pre-set practice plan that has helped make the Tigres so successful. Should your athlete ask you about certain exercises that they liked last year, please help us coaches and explain we will likely get to it a few times over the next ~12 weeks. The training plan is part of the process meant to help our athletes build to peak towards the end of the season. Effort they put in now is just as important as any other week.

PRACTICES THIS WEEK will run until nearly dark – closer to 6 than 5:30. We appreciate your cooperation at pickup!
COACHES NEEDED!!! If you haven’t yet signed up and can volunteer on Monday &/or Wednesdays please let me know.
• If you have heard other parents express that they have not received 12U/Midget specific emails, please advise to sign up on the Tigre website. We’d like all of our families to be well informed…

Looking forward to our 1st FULL week!


Training Plan

2018 Tigres Midget Training Plan  (doc)



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The 400 meter master – Clyde Hart

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