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Midgets- Meet/Season Recap, Unclaimed Athlete gifts/CCC medals, and Summer

Midget athletes and parents.
What an awesome end to our 2018 season! Our Midget athletes once again gave 100% effort in their races, relays, and field events. They set 15 PR’s, shared more laughs, cheered each other on and supported one another when outcomes were less than hoped for. As a parent, a coach, and an athlete, I find myself equally impressed with the way this group of Midget athletes handled both successes and failures. It has been both a pleasure and an honor to share their journey this season! Thank you!

For athletes that have not yet picked up their gifts from the picnic and for athletes that did not receive their medals from the CCC meet yesterday,  they will be available at Buena on Monday (5-14) from 4:30-5:30.

One last thing I forgot to mention at the picnic – If any athletes and/or parents are looking for more opportunities to run/race this summer, I encourage you to come out to the Boogie Nights Series at the Ventura Beach Promenade. The series is put on by Josh Spiker of Mile26 and supports Buena High cross country. You can run an individual race or join the series. More info can be found here.


Chance and I will be there most weeks. If your athlete wants to run but is unsure about the distance, drop me an email or text and I will happily pace them (if I can:)).

Again, thank you for a great season and I am already looking forward to next year.

Coach Carol

Midget- CCC qualifiers so far- Please read. Girls 4×100 team from JV added!

Here is the current list of CCC qualifiers. This list is pre-drops. We have a few athletes as well as 2 relay teams sitting in the next available slot if anyone drops. Hopefully that information will be out by tomorrow evening.

Please review the following list and if your athlete will NOT be competing in any of their events, let me know ASAP





Taylor K










Shot put

High Jump
Luke Ortiz

Long Jump

Lovi                               Jaiden
Jocelyn                           Brody                          Alternate- Mekaela V
Taylor M                        Olivia
Sierah V                       Amelia

Merrill                 Alternate- Justin

Taylor K
Sadie                  Alternate – Brody

Zac                   Alternate- Oliver


Text ASAP with any drops or questions 805-320-6544

Thank you
Coach Carol

Midgets- CCC qualifiers and practice this week- all varsity athletes please read.


Parents and Varisty athletes,

Because there are drops and event limits in the Co-Conference Championships, we will not know who has officially qualified for this Saturday’s meet until some time on Tuesday.  So, if you came to practice last week, please plan on coming to practice on Monday.  Once we have a list of those who are able to compete on Saturday, we will publish the list.

See you all tomorrow.



Midgets athlete gifts

Midgets families,

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our end of season picnic today.
Thank you for the kind words, hugs, smiling faces, and gifts.

For athletes who were unable to attend, your athlete gifts and packets with ribbons, medals and team picture will be at the Buena track on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4:30 to 6:00. Please come by to the pick them up.

I will publish our Midget movie in the next few days, look out for an email with the link.


Midgets – Varsity/Championships Meet Information

Championships/Varsity Athletes:

Saturday’s Championships meet will take place at

Moorpark High School
4500 Tierra Rejada Rd.

Meet start time is 8:30. 3200 runners arrive 7:45-8 for warm ups.

A few things to know about this meet:

Athletes are seeded by name therefore – no stickers

For all field events, if an athlete checks out they need to indicate what event they are leaving for. They then must report back to the field event within 5 minutes after completing the event they left for.

Coaches are not allowed on the field- but we will be on the sidelines for cheering and advice if needed:)

Once a field event is closed, a competitor may not compete in that event.

Warm ups may be done on top field or on infield.

This meet should run rather quickly as the heats are pre-seeded and there is only one heat per gender/age group so plan to arrive earlier than you think you should and enjoy watching the competition.

Order of events.

3200 meter (MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB)
100 meter hurdles (IB. YB, IG, YG)
80 meter hurdles (MG, MB)
400 meter/relays (GG, GB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB)

1600 meter (GG, GB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB)
400 meter/dashes (GG, GB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB)

100 meter (GG, GB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB)
800 meter (GG, GB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB)

200 meter/dashes (GG, GB BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB)
1600/Mile relays (BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB) –

Long Jump: GG, GB, BG, BB, MG ,MB, YG,YB, IG, IB
High Jump BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB
Shot Put IG, IB, YG, YB, MG, MB, BG, BB

Questions:  Midgets@venturatigres.org  or 805-320-6544

Midgets End of Season Picnic Reminder

 Tigres end of the season picnic is this Sunday, May 6th.  

Please join us from 12-3:00 at the VUSD service center on Stanley ave

Tigres will be providing pizza.

Midgets are asked to provide a salad or side (enough for 12 people) and any serving utensils required for the dish.

Lunch will be served at 1 pm and then we will break into groups for the rest of the afternoon.

It has been an amazing season and we look forward to celebrating together on May 6th

Midgets Varsity/Championships Practice Today

There will be practice today for sprint, distance, relay, and field athletes.

Expect practice to end closer to 5:30.

Sprint- speed development, starts
Relay- 4×100
Distance – 2 miles plus 4x100m

Meet information to follow.

Gooooo Midgets!

Midgets- Meet Recap, Picnic, and Varsity (Championships) practice


Happy Sunday everyone,

Yesterday’s meet was bittersweet for our Midget coaching staff. It was great to see so many exciting races and watch athletes setting new PRs but also sad to know that for many of our awesome athletes, it was the last meet of the season.

Here is a brief meet recap that I usually share on Mondays with the team, please share with your athlete:

Another amazing meet and once again this Midget team ran, jumped, and threw with awesome effort!
Despite the tough competition, we swept in the following events: G1600, Glong jump, G shot put, B1600, B100, B800, and B4x400

We set 48 PRs!!!
Roadrunners- 39
Panthers – 43
Stars- 61
Tigres- 196

For those athletes not moving on to compete in the Championships meet on Saturday, practices are now finished and we look forward to seeing you all at the Tigres End of Year Picnic on Sunday, May 6 from 12:00-3. Please attend. We will come together as a club and a team, share a few more laughs, eat some good food, and give out ribbons and gifts.

For athletes that qualified and are moving on to Championships for individual events and relay teams, this week’s practice is as follows:
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at Buena from 4:30-6

We will have team practice, relay practice, and specialty practice each day.

Questions? Please email midgets@venturatigres.org

Goooooo Midgets

Midgets- Finals and Championships Relay Teams- Please Read

As a team, we are permitted to bring one girls team and one boys team in each relay- 4×100 and 4×400 to Championships. Our goal is to advance a team to Co- Conference Championships (CCC) from the Championships meet.
In addition to the team going to Championships, we want to run a strong team at League Finals with the hopes of bringing a second team to CCC.

The following athletes have been chosen to run at Finals in Oxnard (this weekend) as our “A” team
Girls 4×400- Brody, Olivia, Jaiden, Shayna
Boys 4×400- Merric, Braden, Chance, Brandon
Girls 4×100- Brody, Amelia, Kami, Jaiden
Boys 4×100 – Kyle, Hollis, Dominic, Justin

The following athletes have been chosen to run at Championships on May 5th in Moorpark:
Girls 4×400 – Sadie, Lovi, Taylor, Mikaela
Alternate- Sierah V
Boys 4×400-  Zac, Ty, Justin, Diego
Alternate- Oliver
Girls 4×100- Lovi, Jocelyn, Taylor M, Sierah V
Alternate- Mekaela
Boys 4×100 – Merric, Ben, Oliver, Ty
Alternate- Ethan J

We hope to advance as many teams as possible to CCC. CCC teams will be decided after the Championships meet. Our goal is to advance the strongest team while allowing the most possible athletes to experience the CCC meet.

If your athlete can not attend any of the events listed, please email midgets@venturatigres.org ASAP

GOoooooo Midgets!!!


Training Plan

2018 Tigres Midget Training Plan  (doc)



Coach Jay Johnson

Coach of NCAA Track Team

The 400 meter master – Clyde Hart

Why Run High School Track?



Sprint Drills

Aerobic Warm Up

Sprint Warm Up

Single Leg Squat Clock


Great hip strength/stability exercise

Injury Management

Managing Tendinopathies

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