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Midgets- So Cal Youth Invitational April 13 and 14th


Dear parents:

April 13th and 14th is the Southern California Youth Invitational held this year at Oxnard High
This meet is a “can’t miss” experience for all athletes.  It is NOT an “elite only” meet, all athletes can attend and it is a great chance for all of our athletes to set PR’s.  There are over 2,000 athletes of all levels that participate and most athletes are placed in heats with competitors very close to their own ability, which means great competition.  Great competition usually equates to great performances!  It gives our athletes a chance to see what a major high school invitational is like.

It is a two day meet and athletes can choose up to 3 events. They can do up to 2 individual events (running and field events both count as individual events), plus one relay or they can do 2 relays and 1 individual event.  They can also do less than 3 events if they choose. The 4X400 is NOT a free event at this meet and counts as a relay.

Event sign ups must be completed prior to the end of practice on Wednesday April 10th.  Socal Youth Invitational meet is unlike our normal dual meets where athletes can be added on the spot or right up until the until the meet.  Athletes must sign up prior to the event.

If your athlete is unable to get to practice before Wednesday to sign up, you can email the information to midgets@venturatigres.org or text to 805-320-6544 sign up your athlete.

The events and their order are listed on the flyer found here  2019 Southern California Invitational

Please look over the order of events and the days carefully to be sure you understand if you will be there 1 or both days.  Some events have prelims and finals, so please keep that in mind. The first day typically lasts until 4:00 and the second day typically finishes around 2:00.

Signups for this meet will be at practice starting Wednesday, April 3rd.

If you have any questions please email midgets@venturatigres.org or text 805-320-6544

This really is a fun event and we hope we will have an awesome Midget turnout:)

GOOOOO Midgets!

Midgets Practice This week and meet sign ups

Hi Tigres Midget families,

YES,  we do have practice this week, same days, same times, Monday and Wednesday team practices and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday specialty practices:)- YAY!  . I know many of our athletes are on Spring Break and if your family is traveling, no worries. If you are in town, come to practice, we will be there.

If your family will be out of town all week but in town for the meet, please email or text me your athlete’s meet sign ups, especially if they want to run in the relays.

Thank you all.

Coach Carol

GOOOOOO Midgets!!!

Midgets- Meet #2 Oxnard Stars hosts Tigres

Athletes and families,

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday for another great day of competition.

When:  Meet start time 8:30
*3200 runners, please arrive ready for warmups by 7:45
**Hurdlers, please arrive by 8:00 for warmups
***4×100 runners, please arrive by 8:15 for warmups

Where: Oxnard High School
3400 W. Gonzales Rd.

Please remember to label extra clothes and water bottles:)

We are still missing meet signups for the following athletes (if they want to run in the 4×100, I need that information tonight):
Sam, Graydon, Ethan J, Jacob, Ian M., Conner R, Ethan S, Tyler, Eli
Marlee, Brynleigh, Eileen, Lauren, Kiara, Hazel L, Peyton, Karina, Hazel R, Paige.

Thank you all.
Coach Carol

Goooooo Midgets!!

Midgets – Thursday Specialty Practice Cancelled

Great practice today Midgets! Thank you for your enthusiasm and effort!

Thursday 3-21 Specialty practice is cancelled due to a Buena High School track meet.

Specialty practice will resume on Friday with shot put, hurdles, long jump, high jump, and relays.

We hope to see you on Friday. If your athlete has not signed up for Saturday events and wants to run in the relays, please email me ASAP at midgets@venturatigres.org

Coach Carol

Midgets- First Meet of the Season! Tigres at Heritage Valley

Hello athletes and families,

I hope you are as excited as I am!!!!

This Saturday will be our first dual meet of the season. The Heritage Valley Blazers will be hosting Tigres at Fillmore High School.
Meet start time is 8:30
If your athlete is running the 3200, they need to be warmed up and ready to be in staging by 8:15. Suggested arrival time 7:30.
If your athlete is running the hurdles, they need to be on the field, stickered and ready for warm ups by 8:00. Suggested arrival time 7:45.
All 4×100 athletes please plan to arrive by 8:00.

Order of events can be found here: https://www.venturatigres.org/order-of-events/

Please note that Fillmore High School does not allow Easy ups on the bleachers or the field. Umbrellas are okay. It is expected to be warm and sunny so please plan accordingly. We will not have the usual Tigres Easy ups in the stands to provide shade for athletes.

What to bring:  uniform, shoes/spikes, sunscreen, water, snacks (think simple and easy to digest), extra clothes ( ALL LABELED)  Only water is allowed on the track, so please keep food and drinks in the stands.

This is going to be fun!

Coach Carol



Midgets- Practice Meet Wrap up and this week

Parents and athletes,

Thank you all for successful and fun practice meet. From my vantage point, the meet ran smoothly and athletes had fun.

Parents, thank you for all your help, the meet could not run without you!

This week the weather looks to be back to Ventura sunshine allowing us a full week of practice with extra daylight.
If your athletes are wanting to work on field events, relays, or extra focus on strength and form, please have them attend specialty practices this week.

Our season will kick off this weekend with our first dual meet against Heritage Valley in Fillmore. More information to follow later in the week.


Coach Carol

Practice Meet Tomorrow!

Hi everyone,

Just a few quick reminders for tomorrow.

Arrival time: 8:00 a.m.
Meet start time: 8:30 a.m.
Meeting place: Center of the field close to where we meet for practice
What to wear/bring: Tigres uniform, running shoes, spikes (if you use them), water, warm clothes, snacks (stands only), patience, and great attitude.
Remember to label everything.

Uniforms will be ready for pick up/sale from 7:15-7:45 a.m.
Thank you all.

Coach Carol


Midgets Practice Wednesday 3/6 and Thursday 3/7

Hi everyone,

It looks like we may get to play in the rain again tomorrow.:)

As of right now, my apps are calling for the rain to taper off significantly by 3 pm on Wednesday. Therefore, as of right now, practice for Wednesday is ON!   Due to the possibility of light rain from 4-6pm, please plan to pick up your athlete at 5:30 instead of 6 pm tomorrow.

Thursday’s specialty practice is cancelled due to a track meet at Buena.

Please check your email tomorrow by 3:30 for any updates.

Thank you all!

Coach Carol 805-320-6544

Midgets- Week of 3/4/19 and Practice Meet Important Information

Midgets  and parents,

It has been an awesome start to the 2019 Tigres season.

The Midget coaching staff has been impressed by your athletes’ attitudes and effort!  

And the fun has just begun…..

Saturday March 9th will be our Tigres Practice Meet at Buena High School. Arrival time 8:00a.m.  Meet Start time 8:30 a. m.   Estimated end time ~noonish:).

This meet will be just as the name implies- Practice.  Practice for athletes, coaches, and parent volunteers.  It is an opportunity to work out any kinks before the season kicks off on March 16th and to allow new (and seasoned) athletes and coaches to understand/remember the flow of track meets.

The practice meet is only for Tigres athletes and we will not be competing with any other team at this meet. Each group (Gremlin, Bantam, Midget, Y&I)  will only be running select events and not the full list offered at regular meets.

For the practice meet only, the events offered to Midgets will be as follows:

Hurdles- need to be cleared first which occurs at specialty practice




Shot put (field event)

For the practice meet only the maximum number of events any Midget athlete can participate in is 2 running events and 1 field event.

This does not mean that each athlete must compete in 2 running events and 1 field event.  There is no minimum number of events they must compete in, there is only a maximum number of events they can compete in.  They can compete in 1 running event and 1 field event, only 2 running events, only 1 field event…etc.

Sign up sheets for the practice meet will be available to athletes on Monday and Wednesday during practice.

If your athlete can not attend this meet, they will draw a single line through their name on the sign up sheet.

If your athlete is unable to attend Midget practices this week, please email me at midgets@venturatigres.org with their event choices.  If they plan on running the relay, I need this information by Thursday early evening or there is no guarantee that they will be on a team.

More information regarding the meet will follow later in the week as needed.

If you have questions, please email me or catch me or any of the other coaches at end of practice this week. 

With the rain and cold predicted this week, check your emails regarding practice.  No email means practice is on.  However; if it is a bit drizzly like last Wednesday, plan on practice ending at 5:30 as the rain makes relay practice, core, and other post workout activities challenging.

Thank you all!


Go Midgets!!!!!!

Midget Practice Week 1

Parents and athletes,

What a wonderful start to our season!  Thank you athletes and coaches for your enthusiasm and effort last week.  I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

This week we will begin our regular practice schedule (see below) with our Midget team practices on Monday and Wednesday and specialty practices on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Remember to send your athlete with plenty of (labeled) layers as it gets cold quickly out there.

Please check your email throughout the week for any potential cancellations due to weather.

Go Midgets!!


Coach Carol


Training Plan

2018 Tigres Midget Training Plan  (doc)



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Sprint Drills

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