Head Coaches:
Matt & Joy Hammel


YOUTH/INTERMEDIATE – Wednesday is Picture Day!

Team pictures will be taken during practice time on Wednesday.  Please be sure to wear uniforms to practice – uniform top, black shorts.  If athletes would like to wear a shirt under their singlet, please make it white.  Please avoid wearing clothing (hats, headbands, shirts, etc) that are not white.

Coaches, please wear your coaches uniforms.

YOUTH/INTERMEDIATE – SOCAL Youth Invitational Recap

First of all, I want to apologize to any of the athletes that were not allowed to compete because of mistakes made in the entries.  It was my fault for not thoroughly looking through the meet program to verify all of the entries.  I’m very sorry.  Also, we had some confusion over the boy’s 4×100 relay team and a DQ and I also want to apologize to any of the athletes that might have been left out of that situation.

On to the good stuff!  That was a very competitive meet with some amazing athletes!  It just so happens, many of those amazing athletes were our Tigres!  Out of the 209 medals that were given out to the boys and girls in the youth division, Tigres collected 38 of them.  That is over 18% of the possible medals, with 15 teams competing.  If there was an even distribution among the 15 teams, that would be just under 14 medals per team.  Not a bad representation of Tigres at all!!!  It was so great to see so many PR’s!  We had several events where just about all of the participants PR’d.  Watching how hard our team competed was truly inspirational!

Even more impressive than the performances, I had three separate coaches tell me how impressed they were with displays of sportsmanship by our team.  There is no better compliment than when other teams notice how our team treats other competitors.

We have two more dual meets remaining against probably the strongest two clubs in the VCYTC.  I can’t wait to see how our team responds to the competition.  I have a feeling we are in store for some even more amazing performances!  Please make an effort to attend as many practices as possible over the next few weeks as the season is coming to a close quickly.


We’re looking forward to a great meet this weekend at Oxnard High School!  With 15 teams and well over 1,000 athletes, there should be some great competition and nice opportunity for our team to get the feel for a large high school style invitational.

Some info that might be helpful:

Please see the meet flyer for order of events and field event time schedule:

Please allow plenty of time for arrival before events.  Parking may be a challenge and getting through staging is a bit of a zoo with that many athletes.  I would recommend arriving no later than an hour before estimated event time.

There are no coaches allowed on the field to help with athletes.  They will do great helping each other get warmed up and into staging.  We’ll have coaches in the Tigers tents to help out with any issues.

There are no athlete stickers needed for this meet.  The meet is pre-seeded and athletes just need to identify themselves in staging and they will be put in their pre-determined heats.  There are no adds or changes to meet entries.  However, relay teams have been entered, so if we have an injury, illness or something else unexpected, we may need some help from an athlete that has room for another event.

Below is a very rough estimation of event times.  It could likely run later than this, but hopefully this will give somewhat of a guide on when events will take place.  Please don’t take this as official!  One of the best practices is to call a friend/teammate and find out what event they are currently running to better judge your time.


3000 meters – 8:30-9:30

Hurdles – 9:30-10:00

100 meters – 10:00-11:00

800 meters – 11:00-12:00

4×100 – 12:00-1:00

200 meters – 1:00-2:30


1500 – 8:30-10:00

Hurdle Finals – 10:10:20

4×100 relay Finals 10:20-11:00

400 – 10:00-11:00

100 meter Finals – 11:00-11:30

4×400 – 11:30-12:30

If you have any questions, please email or call/text 650-678-3681

YOUTH/INTERMEDIATE – Qualifying for Conference Championships and the Top 25 List

We’ll be talking about this more over the next few weeks, but there are 3 regular season meets left until we start the championship meets, which include Conference Finals (this meet is open to all athletes), Conference Championships (athletes must qualify during our regular season) and the Co-Conference Championship (athletes qualify through the Conference Championship Meet).

In order to qualify for the Championship Meet on May 11th, an athlete needs to be in the Top 9 (Top 12 for the 800, 1600 and 3200) in an event after the last meet is finished on April 27th.  It is a HUGE accomplishment to make the Championship meet and we would like to see as many of our athletes qualify as possible.  Please take a look at the Top 25 lists (below) and see where the best opportunities for each athlete may lie.  Athletes may want to narrow down their focus when choosing events to compete in over the next 3 meets if qualifying for the Championship meet is a goal of theirs.  If you have any questions, please email or call/text 650-678-3681.

Youth Girl’s Top 25

Youth Boy’s Top 25

Intermediate Girl’s Top 25

Intermediate Boy’s Top 25


A reminder that event sign ups for this weekend’s Southern California Youth Invitational need to be done by end of practice on Wednesday.  This meet is a pre-seeded meet, meaning entries are done before the meet with no changes.  Athletes who are not signed up for their events by end of practice on Wednesday will NOT be allowed to compete.  If you are unable to attend practices before Wednesday, please email with the athlete’s events.

The event limits are also different for this meet, with 3 total events, up to 2 of which can be individual events (non relays).  All events are considered individual events with the exception of the 4×100 and 4×400 relays.  Also, remember the meet takes place over 2 days (Saturday and Sunday), so pay close attention to what events take place on what days.

This is a really great meet for ALL of our athletes.  It is NOT an elite only meet, with great competition regardless of ability.  We hope to see as many of our Tigres participate as possible!

For more details about the meet, please see the flyer here:

YOUTH/INTERMEDIATE – IMPORTANT Event Sign Up Info (next 2 meets)

Please read the below event sign up information carefully!!!

This week at practice, we will be having event sign up sheets for our next two meets.

This week’s meet at Moorpark will be the usual process, with the usual event limits, etc.

However, the sign up sheet for the Southern California Youth Invitational (April 13-14) will also be at practice and is a very different meet.  First of all, please understand this is NOT an elite meet.  It is a fantastic meet for all athletes to run against competition that is close to them, giving them a great chance to be pushed to a PR.  Because there are so many athletes, heats are typically filled with athletes of very similar abilities.

It is also a great opportunity to see what a high school invitational is like, with 15 teams and close to 2000 athletes competing over two days.  This does not mean you have to be at the track for two days, but can plan your events to whatever is convenient for you to attend.  We really hope to see as many Tigres participating at this meet as possible.

Unlike our normal dual meets, the meet is pre seeded, meaning you MUST sign up in advance and NO MEET DAY ADDITIONS are allowed.  Entries are due NO LATER THAN April 10th, so we are giving athletes plenty of time to choose their events.

Event limits are also different than a normal dual meet, with a maximum of tree events allowed.  An athlete can either do two individual events and one relay or two relays and one individual event.  Field events and running events are both considered individual events (participating without a team).

Please see the meet flyer here:

I know this can be very complicated, but please read through the info above carefully.  If you have any questions, please email or call/text 650-678-3681

YOUTH/INTERMEDIATE – Practice As Usual This Week

Although it is VUSD Spring Break this week, the Youth/Intermediate team will be practicing as usual.  We will have our normal team practices on Monday and Wednesday, with a full schedule of specialty practices on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  If you’re in town this week, we’d love to see as many athletes as possible at practices.

If you are going to be on vacation or out of town for Spring break, please do your best to get in workouts this week.  The workout plan is on the Youth/Intermediate team page on the far left column (   If you don’t have access to a track, you can estimate the times for the distances listed.  If you need any help with creative ideas or how to simulate the workouts, please feel free to reach out to or call/text 650-678-3681.


YOUTH/INTERMEDIATE – Home Meet Tomorrow (vs Thousand Oaks Flyers)

Finally our first home meet of the season!  The Tigres face the Thousand Oaks Flyers at Buena High School!  A few reminders for the meet:

  • 3200 runners need to be at the track by 7:45 to get warmed up and through staging.
  • Hurdlers need to be on the track by 8:00.
  • 4×100 relay runners need to be on the field NO LATER THAN 8:30.  Please check in with Coach Paul when you get there.
  • The meet is expected to start at 8:30 sharp.
  • Please see the order of events here:
  • Please remember water, sunscreen and clothes to stay covered (everything should be labeled with names).  There will be a snack bar, but bringing some easily digestible food between races would be a good idea.  There is no food or drinks (other than water) allowed on the field, so please keep food/drinks in the stands.
  • Let’s see how many 4×400 teams we can put together!  Stick around for the last and best of the meet!

Can’t wait to see what this team does tomorrow!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call/text 650-678-3681