Ventura Tigres Youth Track and Field Team

"Tigres vision is to provide high quality track and field programs that enhance children's lives"

2016 Tigres Registration

We are at max capacity for 2016. We are still accepting wait list requests. Any openings that become available will be first come first served. We will fill open spots through the first week of February. To register for the wait list you must go to our registration site to do so and fill out all the information on yourself (parent/guardian) and your child/children (participants) so that drops from a certain age group are filled appropriately. REGISTER FOR THE WAIT LIST:

We recommend adding yourself to the signup notifications for next season if you were not able to get in this year. You can get on the list here:

Tigres: Injury Prevention – Dr. Romeo Dimaano, D.C. and the Functional Movement Screen

You may have noticed the Midgets doing something different during practice.  The Bantams and Youth/Intermediate teams will be doing it on Wednesday, with the Gremlins to be scheduled a bit later.   It’s called the Functional Movement Screen.

 What is the Functional Movement Screen (FMS)? 

The Functional Movement Screen is the screening tool used to identify limitations or asymmetries in basic movement patterns that are essential for quality movement/performance on or off the field in individuals with no current complaint or known musculoskeletal injury.

By utilizing the FMS, we are able to discover and quantify an athlete’s imbalance and also gauge their progress with corrective exercises and proper programming.

The Functional Movement Screen has become not only fundamental but also paramount in working with all levels of athletes.  It allows coaches, trainers, chiropractors, and physical therapists the ability to work together to provide not only individualized training plans, but also individualized care as well for all of our athletes/clients.

* Dr. Romeo Dimaano, D.C. is the Owner/Clinic Director of Active Spine & Sports Care in Camarillo, California.  Specializing in manual therapy (Active Release Therapy) and functional movement/rehabilitation, he has become a great resource to endurance athletes and groups in Ventura County (Ventura Tigres, Vendurance Sports, Rincon Triathlon Club, Mile 26, RoadRunner Sports, etc.)

For more information on Dr. Romeo Dimaano or the FMS, please call his office at 805–384–0101 or visit

Bantams, Midgets and Youth/Intermediate Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Practices

All Bantams, Midgets and Youth/Intermediate athletes are invited to attend practices on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  The Monday and Wednesday practices are team practices focused on running.  There will not be specialty practices on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Please see the practice schedule under the Practice, Meets and Results tab on the Tigres homepage for exact times for each particular session.  As a reminder, you can attend any 30 minutes session(s) you would like.  You can attend three sessions in one day or come for the 4:30-5:00 session and leave or even show up only for the 5:30-6:00 session.

Here are some hints on what each 30 minute session is and who would benefit from them.  Feel free to try different combinations and see what sessions you like.

High Jump (Tuesdays and Fridays) - for athletes that are interested in the High Jump

Strength (Tuesdays) - working on core strength exercises, medicine balls and mobility/flexibility.  This is great for all athletes, from sprinters to distance runners, and all filed events.

Shot Put (Tuesdays and Fridays) - for athletes interested in the Shot Put

Relays (Tuesdays and Fridays) - any athlete that would like to participate regularly in the relays should try to attend at least one of these sessions a week.

Long Jump (Thursdays and Fridays - for athletes interested in the Long Jump

Power Ploys (Thursdays) - working on quickness and explosiveness.  Great for sprinters and jumpers.

Recovery Run (Thursdays) - distance runners should seriously consider attending these practices for additional easy runs.

Speed Development (Thursdays) - working on developing top end speed.  Any athlete who is looking to improve raw speed including sprinters, distance runners and long jumpers.

Hurdles (Thursdays and Fridays) - for athletes interested in Hurdles.

Registration update & cancellations


With today being the first day of practice, its also the last day for a full refund of your registration fees should you need to cancel. Per the refund policy, (see handbook under heading 2016 Registration Procedure) once practice officially starts today at 4:30, refunds for any drops/cancellations will be 50% of your registration fees. (If you pre-paid for a uniform, you will be refunded that cost 100%).

If you are planning on dropping for any reason, we strongly urge you to send a email ASAP to Provided your request was sent by 4:30 or earlier, then 100% of your registration fee and pre-paid uniform cost will be reimbursed.

Lastly, there are no refunds for any athlete who must drop from the program on or after March 1st.

Running Shoes

We just wanted to send out a reminder to everyone regarding the 10% discount available through the month of February if you purchase your shoes from Mile 26 in Camarillo and mention Tigres. On top of the 10% discount, Mile 26 is also going to donate 10% of your purchases.

If this is your child's first time with Tigres or participating in running - you may wish to talk to his/her coach about shoe recommendations before getting something. Each age group can have varying needs in a running shoe plus the type of events your child may gravitate to could differentiate the type of shoe that would be best. But remember above all is a COMFORTABLE shoe!



Ojai Roadrunners “Olympians in Ojai! 40th Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser”

To honor the 40th anniversary of the Ojai Roadrunners Youth Track Club, join the celebration of "Olympians in Ojai! 40th Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser" on Friday, March 4 and Saturday, March 5 in Ojai. Track coaches, athletes and parents, including all VCYTC clubs and High School athletes.  Participating in this event are Olympians & World Record Holders (current & former), including:

  • Carl Lewis (9 Olympic Gold, Former World Record Holder 100 m, 200 m, 400 m Relay, Long Jump)
  • Mary Decker Slaney (Former World Record Holder in Mile, 5000 m, 10,000 m)
  • Michael Powell (Current World Record Holder, Long Jump, 25 years)
  • Kevin Young (Current World Record Holder, Hurdles, 23 years)
  • Steve Lewis (3 Olympic Gold, 1 Silver, 400m and 1600 m Relay)
  • Tasha Danvers (Olympic Bronze, 400m Hurdles)
  • Danny Everett (Olympic Gold and Bronze, 400 m and 1600 m Relay, Former World Record Holder, 300m and 400m)

The Event Schedule includes:

Friday, March 4 from 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. - Invitation only VIP Cocktail Reception for Olympians, Sponsors and Special Guests.  Adults only.

Saturday, March 5 from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - Olympian & Elite Track & Field Academy just for kids!  Youth ages 9 - 16 will work directly with our Track & Field luminaries in a morning Clinic learning techniques to improve performance. They can then put what they learned to the test in our (optional) practice meet following the clinic. 

As you know, this is a very unique and special opportunity taking place right here in Ventura County!  We know some clubs have a practice meet planned for that Saturday. If your club does not, we hope you'll consider coming out and participating in our event!

Please help us spread the word by forwarding this email to your club members or mentioning the event on your team's website.  High school track programs in your community are also welcome to participate. The VIP reception on Friday is invite only. Tickets are available at Those wishing to attend should email for a passcode needed to purchase tickets.  See attached flyer or for more information.



First Practice & Uniform/Apparel Info

Practices for the 2016 will officially start this week as follows:

First day of practice will be Monday, February 8th
Tuesday, Feb 9th for 8Us (Gremlins)

All practices begin promptly at 4:30. The head coaches of each age group should be sending out a note over the weekend if they havent already, be sure to look out for it and/or check the website.


During the 2nd week of practice, we will begin uniform and other apparel sales (and distribution for those that have paid already). If you need a uniform (dont have one already) then please be sure to purchase the required singlet during this week - this is the only time they will be available and they are required for meets. The dates will be as follows:
Tuesday, February 16th 4:30-6:00 pm
Wednesday, February 17th 4:30-6:00 pm
Tuesday, February 23rd 4:30-6:00 pm
Wednesday, February 24th 4:30-6:00 pm

(Tables will be set up behind the bleachers)
(All Apparel options and uniforms will be available)

Required Singlet $30
Shorts $20

Other Fun/Optional items available:

Hoodie sweatshirts | Draw string bags | Socks | Hats | Tee Shirts | Drink Cozies

(Cash, Check or Credit card accepted)

Parent Meeting Follow-up/Handout

Thank you to all those that attended the meeting last night - we hope the information presented by Tigres Coach Coordinator Matt Hammel answered any questions you may have had. Any feedback from returning families versus how we have done this in the past is appreciated! As Matt indicated we are ALL volunteers, but we all want to make Tigres the best possible experience for everyone, athletes and parents. Any questions or input at any time are welcome, please feel free to email them or ask in person.

If were not able to attend last night, please find the presentation to you can look it over here.

See you all next week at practices!


Tigres Parents Meeting Reminder & Birth Certificates – Feb 1 @ 6PM

The countdown begins - just a week until our first practices begin for 2016!


Please remember that tomorrow, February 1st, is the Tigres Parent Orientation/Meeting at 6:00pm. It will be held at Buena High in the small theater. We have traditionally held this meeting at the first practice, but we are doing it this way in hopes of it being more informative and to give a better opportunity to ask questions, especially all the first time Tigres families.


Also - if you have not provided a copy of your childs birth certificate by uploading during signups or by emailing a copy), please bring your childs birth certificate (or the original - we dont need to keep a copy) to the meeting.  We may be verifying birth certificates at first week or practice, there is no guarantee. Athletes will not be allowed to join their group until this is done.

Specifically, this is for athletes who are participating with Tigres for this first time and you haven't already uploaded to Blue Sombrero ( or since emailed a copy to We still have about 90 athletes who have not been confirmed with birth certificates. If you do upload between now and our first practice, please also email to let us know so we can check it.

Final Social Run Before The Season Starts!!! – Sunday @ 2:00

This Sunday (January 31) will be the final Social Run before practices start.  We will be meeting at the same location (corner of San Pedro and Harbor at the State Beach Park entrance).  We will start at 2:00, but parking is a mess, so please try to get there a bit early.

The season is just over a week away, so this is a great chance to get a head start!

February 1st is Ventura Tigres Parent Meeting **LOCATION CHANGED**

parent-meetingWe are looking forward to seeing all of the Tigres families this coming Monday evening (February 1st) at 6:00 for our first ever pre-season parent meeting. We hope to see ALL Tigres Families - new & returning - but we especially encourage all new families to attend. By knowing what to expect, you will get the best experience out of your first season with Tigres.

Please note there is a location change. We will now be meeting in the small theatre at Buena High School (not at the track). As part of the meeting we will be covering the topics listed below.

  • Communication: When communicating with a team of 300 athletes, there can be hiccups - so we will make sure you are signed up to get the information fast and where to go if you have questions.
  • Practice info: including an overview of the new practice schedule
  • Meet info: how to prepare, when are your athletes events, how long are the meets
  • Volunteering: Your role as a volunteer. And yes, it really is a requirement - for every family with a one or more athletes registered.
  • Refund Policy: We will review the refund policy so its clear going into the first week of practice and to the first meet.
  • Uniforms/Apparel: Cost, and what is required at meets.

After the overall parent meeting, each age group will be breaking out to have their own parent meeting with the head coaches. During this meeting, the coaches will be talking about information specific to their age group.

Also, there will be some apparel available for purchase!

NO EXCEPTIONS - we MUST validate D.O.B. for all new athletes before they participate in practice.

With first practices starting Feb 8th, you have just under two weeks to provide a copy of birth certificate. Our goal is to not have any athletes miss their first practice(s) as a result of not having been verified.

To satisfy this requirement prior to participating in practice, you can:

  • Email a scanned or cell phone snap of it to
  • Upload to our registration portal ( where you registered online. (NOTE: Blue Sombrero who provides the registration portal lets us look at the birth certificate uploads ONE time and immediately deletes it from their servers).
  • Bring a copy (or original) to the parent meeting on February 1st (we DO NOT need to keep a copy, we only need to see it for verification).

IF you have lost/misplaced your child's birth certificate and are in the process of getting a duplicate, you must let us know now. We will work with that and/or suggest alternate forms of identification with D.O.B. clearly listed. If after the first week of practice we haven't verified DOB for your athlete, your registration may be at risk of being cancelled.

Thank You Rotary Club of Ventura!

The Ventura Tigres would like to thank the Rotary Club of Ventura for providing funds to athletes needing assistance. The Ventura Tigres Rotary Scholarship Program provides registration fees and uniforms to athletes that could not participate in Tigres track and field without assistance. Also helping out is the Mile 26 running store, which will provide each Rotary scholarship athlete with a pair of running shoes. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the positive environment Tigres Track and Field provides, teaching team work, sportsmanship and healthy habits – and we are so thankful to the Rotary Club of Ventura and Mile 26 for their help!

For more information about the Rotary Club of Ventura, visit or on Facebook at For Mile 26 store information, visit For inquiries on donating to Ventura Tigres scholarship programs or to learn more about the scholarships Tigres offers, please email

Social Run #4 – Sunday at 2:30

With just over two weeks until the Tigres track season is underway, here's another great opportunity to get a jump start on meeting teammates and coaches while going for a workout.

Meet at the corner of San Pedro and Harbor at the entrance to State Beach Park.   We'll start at 2:30 and will be done in about an hour.

Come and meet some other Tigres and have some fun!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call 650-678-3681.

Social Run #3 – SATURDAY at 2:00 (note day change)

A bit cloudy and cool last Sunday, but still a great turn out.  This week's social run will be on SATURDAY at 2:00.  We will still be meeting at the entrance to State Beach Park on the corner of Harbor and San Pedro Ave.

If you're new to Tigres, you can meet teammates and coaches - parents can hang out and talk to some veteran parents and coaches or join your athletes for their workout.

The season is coming up quick, so this is a great opportunity to start getting into a track state of mind!

If you have any questions, please email met at or call 650-678-3681.

Social Run #2 – Sunday at 1:00

What an awesome turn out last Sunday for our first Social Run of the 2016 season!!!

This Sunday (January 10th), we will once again be meeting at the State Beach entrance at the corner of San Pedro and Harbor.  However, this time we will be meeting at 1:00.

Please be aware that parking is tough, so give yourself a bit of extra time.  Also, let's try to keep the bike path clear for the bikers, walkers and runners while we wait to get things started.

For those who haven't attended a Social Run in the past, this is a chance for athletes to meet some of their coaches and teammates as well as get in a workout. We'll be dividing into distance runners (they go for an easy run along the bike path) and sprinters (they head to the beach for a workout). Parents are welcome to come workout out with their athletes or hang out and ask questions about the upcoming season.

If you have any questions, please email

Let's see if this week's Social Run can be even bigger!

Tigres Parent Information Meeting – February 1st

Attention All Tigres Parents!
On February 1st, we will be holding a Tigres parent information meeting.  We will be meeting at 6:00 in the bleachers at Buena’s track.
The purpose of the meeting is to provide basic information about the upcoming season and answer any questions you may have.
As a highlight, there is a significant CHANGE TO THE PRACTICE SCHEDULE that we will be going over.  This is very critical information to understanding the options your athletes will have for attending different practices and working on different skills.  This is very different than what we have done in the past and we strongly encourage all parents to attend.
We want to make sure we cover all of the topics that are important to Tigres families, so if you have anything specific that you would like covered, please send an email with your questions so we can add it to the agenda.
See you on February 1st to kick off the 2016 Tigres Track Season!!!

First Social Run for the 2016 Season!!!

It's that time of year.  The Tigres track season is right around the corner.  To start getting everyone in the track season spirit, we're going to be having a Social Run this Sunday at 12:00 noon (should last about an hour).  We will be meeting at the start of the bike path at State Beach Park at the end of San Pedro ave and Harbor Ave.

What is a Social Run?  It's a chance for athletes to meet some of their coaches and teammates as well as get in a workout.  We'll be dividing into distance runners (they go for an easy run along the bike path) and sprinters (they head to the beach for a workout).  Parents are welcome to come workout out with their athletes or hang out and ask questions about the upcoming season.

If you have any questions, please email

Hope to see a great turnout to kick of the 2016 track season!!!

Tigres 2016 Update

Hello Tigres! This is just a quick update to let you know about how udpates about the upcoming season will be delivered to you including information about parent orientation and practices. Not much from the prior seasons will be changing so this is mostly for those joining Tigres for the first time.

When we post something to the website - we have all your email addresses also stored to send that post to you - so if its news for the entire team - it goes to everyone signed up with Tigres for 2016. If a coach of one of the age groups posts a update to their team, it will go to all that have a child registered with that age group. These same posts also goes to Facebook, so if thats where you prefer to stay updated you can. You are welcome to unsubscribe to these email updates, but we recommend not doing so because we may have a last minute update to push out such as practices being moved to a different location for the day or even cancelled.

If you received this update by email, then you are all set for the team wide updates. As coaches begin to send updates between now and the end of January, you should be getting those updates as well - but you can double check or add a secondary email or add other family members to each email list by going to our Stay Updated page. The Stay Updated page also lists other ways you can get the latest information throughout the season. You cant the page here:

Stay tuned for more information in the coming days!



OPEN Registration is going on now

Tigres registration for 2016 went live at 8:00am today, and we are meeting or exceeding our expectations.

If you signed up for email notification prior to 12/14 then you would have received instruction on how to register, but if not you can still register by visiting this link and creating an account if you did not participate with Tigres last year:


If we have already fulled up in your childs age group - you can still proceed through the registration process and get on the wait list for any openings that may happen before practice starts in February.



OPEN Registration begins Tuesday 12/15

Ventura Tigres "OPEN Registration" will begin this Tuesday (12/15)!

If you have already added your email address to our open registration list, you will get an email with instructions on how to proceed.


The approximate number of spots on each age group we will have available are:


1/5/16 - UPDATE - we are completely full for the 2016 season.





2016 Tigres Registration starts NOW!

Sign-ups for 2016 Ventura Tigres is officially kicking off Tuesday Morning (12/1)

PRIORITY Registration: Beginning at 8:00am from December 1st-December 14th - all returning/priority families from the 2015 season may sign up -- emails were just sent out with directions on how to do so!

OPEN Registration: Beginning December 15th, registration is open to all new families as well as returning families that missed their priority window. Registration will then run until we fill up. If would like your child to participate with the Ventura Tigres this season, do not hesitate, we will fill up!

Registration for 2016 is $115 per child for the 1st child and $105 for 2nd and subsequent children. Uniforms are $50.