Ventura Tigres Youth Track and Field Team


If you are looking to register for Ventura Tigres for 2015, please note that we HAVE reached our maximum capacity. We are only accepting wait list requests which we will fill between now and February 28th as drops/cancellations occur. If you wish to be on the wait list, go here and fill out the registration forms for each child you wish to register: Spots that become open are offered to the person who was on the wait list first. Individuals have 24 hours to accept a spot. There are currently 24 people on the wait list.

We also have a interest list for next years open registration - - dont miss out, add your email address and we will send out emails as registration for 2016 draws near as well as the day we open up registration.

Get info on sign-ups for 2016!

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"Tigres vision is to provide high quality track and field programs that enhance children's lives"


Note to all Tigres/Parents regarding practices on rainy days:

  • We run on an all weather track so rain does not always cancel a practice...or a meet.
  • Each age groups coach is generally responsible for cancelling practice and notifying their athletes and parents.
  • Generally, coaches try to announce cancellation of practice by 2:00pm of the practice day-- but it could also be later!
  • If one age group does cancel, do not assume your age group is also cancelled.
  • In the event of a meet cancellation due to rain, a notice will be posted by 6:00am on the day of the meet.

ALWAYS CHECK VENTURATIGRES.ORG, or FACEBOOK or YOUR EMAIL prior to attending any meet or practice!

Club Wide Tigres Update Week 3

We have a few "WEEK 3" announcements/updates for everyone - see below for:

  • Track Rules & Safety Info for Practice & Meets at Buena High
  • New Tigres Q&A
  • Uniform & Apparel distribution
  • The March 7th practice meet


We are glad to be at Buena High this week for our practices. Tuesdays practices were cancelled however so that the Buena High School Girls Soccer could win their 2nd round CIF-SS match 2-1 over  They move to the 3rd round @ Brea Olinda High School - good luck!

Tigres are fortunate to have use of the Buena High facility for our practices as well as for hosting our home meets. We work hard to keep maintain this privileged by respect the track and the rules. Without Buena and support from their track coaches who are also among or Tigres coaching staff (Michele Burns & Aaron Torres), a nice facility may not otherwise be possible. We ask that you observe and follow the following rules - not only out of respect for Buenas track but also for everyone's safety!


Important Rules – Practices and meets

The Buena H.S. track and field includes artificial turf and an all weather track. These materials are very sensitive. Damage created by negligence or even "accidents" could result in the loss of our privilege to use the facilities. Therefore, very strict rules will be in place during meets and practices.

  • The turf field will be strictly “off-limits” at all times to non-athletes - this means parents are not to walk onto the track to get to the field at any time - practice or meets except for going to your scheduled volunteer area during a meet. If you need to get to the field to give your son/daughter their water or a sweater or for some other reason, please speak to a coach or board member first.
  • Only water bottles with water will be allowed on the track or in the jumping areas. Absolutely no chewing gum or food are allowed on the track or turf area.
  • Spiked shoes should rarely be used in practice. Coaches will determine when this is acceptable. On race day, track spikes must be approved by the Clerk of the Course – 3/16" needles or less.
  • Removable tape can be used for relay and jumping marks. Beyond that, absolutely nothing should be stuck to or pushed into the track or turf (e.g. sticks or stakes).
  • Extreme caution should be used when using or transporting tools and shot puts around the track and turf.
  • No dogs (of any size) are allowed in the stadium area AT ANY TIME! Practices AND meets included. Please be sure to inform family and friends coming to enjoy the meet about this rule.

Safety (Please observe these safety rules)

  • Wear shoes at all times
  • Do not throw objects on the track, field or in the stands
  • No "horse-play" in the stands
  • Do not climb on (or under) the bleachers
  • Stay off the turf portion of the stadium
  • Be careful with spiked shoes
  • Respect the track and the athletes running on it


If any of the new Tigres families have questions, board members are still planning to be around Wednesday & Thursday during or near the end of practice. Please don't hesitate to come up and ask.


The apparel booth is not going to be at practices this week, but next week on March 3rd and 5th from 4:00-6:00pm - your uniforms will be distributed, and if you weren't able to get your uniform purchased during the first two weeks, there will be a line for you to purchase the required meet uniform. Please be sure to do so if you have not as the that weekend (3/7) will be our practice meet followed by our first meet of the season on 3/14.


Our practice meet is in 10 days. This will help our new athletes understand where to be for their events and when - as well as for parents to understand their roles as volunteers. We run a limited number of events for each age group - and your coaches will have signup sheets for their events. Athletes will be instructed on how many they can sign up for. More information on the meet will be provided by your coaches.


Apparel Reminders & Refunds for Cancellation

This is another reminder that the apparel tent will be at practice TODAY & THURSDAY (17th & 19th) for uniform fittings and payment. This is the last chance to purchase your uniforms.
"Distribution" only will be the week of March 2nd-5th at the Buena High School practice. Additional merchandise will be for sale at home meets.
We only have had a limited number of athletes drop from Tigres during the first week. As we go into our second week we most everyone who may have considered dropping from the club has likely done so, but just in case you meed to due to your child uncertain about track, or conflicting schedules - please see the refund schedule below which is in effect for 2015.
Please email us at if you do need to withdraw your child from Tigres or have any other questions.
  • 100% REFUND: If you request to withdraw between today and next Monday (the 23rd).
  • 50% REFUND: After the 23rd but on or before 27th.
  • NO REFUND: After 6:00PM of the 27th. We are no longer able to replace your spot with an athlete from the wait list.

First week wrap-up: Apparel Orders & Distribution + LOST KEYS

Hi Tigres

We hope the first week of practice went well for everyone. For those new to Tigres & Youth Track, once we get to Buena during our 3rd week of practice, we will have the Q&A sessions we promised - we decided to wait until we were at the Buena track for practice to do this because of the quieter venue and to address questions you may think of during the first two weeks.


Historically, we spend several weeks getting all the missing documentation and final payments from parents, but after just the 2nd practice we were so happy to see we had everything from everyone!! So thank you everyone to helping to make job that much easier, especially when we spend several months in advance preparing for the season. We can now focus on what really matters - coaching your kids and making Ventura Tigres even more enjoyable!


We are practicing this next week at Arroyo Verde again, and our apparel tent will be there on Tuesday (2/17) & Thursday (2/19) to take your orders if you did not already preorder - THIS WILL BE THE LAST CHANCE TO PURCHASE and the Tigres uniform IS required to compete!

If you did order by adding the uniform cost to your registration fee and have not already done so, you should visit the tent to verify the sizes you ordered are going to fit right.

The uniforms will ONLY be distributed the week of March 2nd-5th during practice.


We had a set of keys turned in to us at practice yesterday (Thursday 2/12) -- a Nissan key & remote with a LA Fitness tag. Before we drop them off with LA Fitness for finding the owner, we just wanted to send this out to everyone first. Email us at if you think these may be your keys.

See you all next week!

2015 Tigres – First Practices start today!

Hello Tigres!

Our first practice of the 2015 season is here! Practice starts today at 4:30 (2/9) for athletes in the 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 & 15-16 age groups, and Tuesday for 8U athletes at 4:30 PM. The first 2 weeks will be at Arroyo Verde Park. We meet at Arroyo Verde near the first bathrooms - just look for the Orange E-Z Ups with the Tigres logo

In addition to the prior team wide Tigres email sent out last week ( we have a few more things to pass along.

On Tuesday & Thursday of the first two weeks of practice, you will be able to place uniform orders as necessary. All uniform orders will be handed out during the first week of March.

When arriving at practice, athletes will need to pickup nametags from board members. If your athlete is new this season and a copy of their birth certificate has not been sent in as requested, they will not receive a name tag to attend practice - please be sure to bring a copy if they are among the 43 we are still waiting for verification!

REMINDER! We are going to have our first fund-raiser of the season at Sharky's - this Wednesday (see for more info and to print flyer).

Coaches will review all other information as needed and answer questions you may have.

Thank you - we look forward to another great season!

Ventura Tigres

CALLING ALL COACHES – LA84 Clinic this weekend! 2/8/15

When: Sunday, February 8, 2016, 8:00am – 4:00pm

Where: Moorpark High School, Moorpark,  CA
What: Beginning Level Track & Field Clinic: Field sessions, classroom discussions for youth coaches

This course is designed primarily for youth coaches, but is opened to all interested coaches. The clinic is free. Please register online.

Beginning Level Sessions: These sessions are aimed at the very basic level of instruction. The presenters will discuss the rules and regulations of each event and will present the basic first steps a coach will want to follow in teaching the event to beginning athletes.

All participants will receive a free CD copy of the 456-page LA84 Foundation Track and Field Coaching Manual.


First Tigres Fundraiser

sharkys-tigres-fundraiserWe will be having our first fundraiser of the season during the first week or practice.

Please join Tigres after practice at Sharkys on Weds. Feb 10th. Be sure to print out the flyer here!

This year we will be having four of these fundraiser - one each month. Proceeds of our fundraisers this year will go to cover the expenses of our BRAND NEW CUSTOM E-Z UPS which bear the Tigres logo!


2015 Tigres: First Practice starts next week!

Ventura Tigres parents & athletes!


With our first practices just a week away, this is the first in a series of several updates we will be sending out this week to help you prepare as we eagerly anticipate the start of track season next week!

In addition to a couple more "club wide" announcements before the first practice, you will also be receiving emails from your head coach so sometime between now and the end of next week. Please be sure to review anything sent out from your coach, it is important because the coaches may have specific information they need you to know so they can run an effective & productive practice session and prepare athletes for our first meet. That same information, in case you don't see it sometime between now and next week, can be found on the website (from the homepage, hover over Team News & Coaches, then to Team News and click on the age group). More information on staying updated below...

First day of practice will be Monday, February 9th at Arroyo Verde Park
Tuesday, Feb 10th for 8Us (Gremlins).

Please note: practice times at Arroyo for the first two weeks are 4:30 to 5:30. When we move practices to Buena High School on February 23 we will go begin our regular schedule: 4:30-6

8U Gremlins (2007+): Tues/Thurs
9-10 Bantams (2005-2006): Mon/Wed/Thurs
11-12 Midgets (2003-2004): Mon/Tues/Thurs
13-14 & 15-16 Youth & Intermediate (1999-2002): Mon/Wed/Thurs

Practice times are from 4:30pm-6:00pm (8Us finish earlier: between 5:30 and 5:45)

We do everything possible to get all information to everyone during the track season - sometimes it requires a little effort on your side to - so PLEASE, if you feel you aren't getting everything, let us know! We do use the website to post all the information which then gets picked up and sent out by email and also fed out to our Facebook page and Twitter. We also have the option for text alerts if you wish to receive those. By default, we added everyone (using the email address provided at registration) to email lists. Thats one list for the entire club, and a list for each age group (5 lists total with the 13-14 and 15-16 being combined). For some of you, that means you could be on 3-4 different lists. Perhaps this is too much for you and you would like to monitor the website for updates yourself - and in that case you can opt out of receiving the emails - but do remember to check the website daily! If you have other family members who would like to receive the updates, you can tell them to sign up at the following URL:

We have our highest participation level for a 3rd year in a row and have met the league maximum roster of 300. So in addition to a high return rate of athletes from prior seasons, we also welcome many new athletes this year.

Due to the nature of youth track & field, there are lots of questions that come up throughout the season, especially if you are new to track. To make sure your first experience with youth track and especially with Tigres is the best it can be, during the first week of practice board members will be introducing themselves and setting up "New Tigres Q&A/Informational" areas for our new families.

As always, throughout the season during practices, meets and by email, coaches and board members are available for your questions and concerns. (

Welcome again to the 2015 season, we look forward to welcoming many back and meeting our new athletes and parents!

Ventura Tigres

2015 Board Members:
Barry Reagan , President
Margarida Eidson, Treasurer
Lana Campbell, Secretary & Outgoing members
Tammy Stender, Outgoing Board Member
Matt Hammel, Head Coach
Kris Shah, Volunteer Coordinator
Erin Sap, Data/Timing & Results
Kathy Daniel, 1st year member & Meet Staging
Kevin Baysinger, 1st year member & 9-10 head coach

Pre Season Social Run 2-1-2015

It’s Super Bowl Weekend, so we’re going to start at 12:00 Noon.  What better way to make room for those nachos and wings, than a Social Run!

This Sunday, we will be meeting at the State Beach Park at San Pedro and Harbor Ave @12:00.

There will be a groups for both Sprinters and Distance runners.

This is a great opportunity to meet some of your teammates and coaches while getting a heard start on the season ahead.

Official practices start the week of 2/9, so this is the last Pre Season Social Run of 2015.  Hope to see you all there!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Matt Hammel. or 650-678-3681

Pre-Season Social Run for Sunday 1/25

With no football this weekend, let’s see how many Tigres we can get to come out!

This Sunday, we will be meeting at the State Beach Park at San Pedro and Harbor Ave @2:00.

There will be a groups for both Sprinters and Distance runners.

This is a great opportunity to meet some of your teammates and coaches while getting a heard start on the season ahead.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt at:
or call: 650-678-3681.

p.s. sorry for the random email sent just prior to this one, it was intended to only go to a test address but it inadvertently went to the "2015 Tigres" email list maintained for communication throughout the entire season.

Social Run this Sunday – 2:00

Despite the threat of rain, we still had a decent turn out last weekend.  This weekend’s weather is supposed to be great, so we hope to see as many Tigres as possible!

This Sunday, we will be meeting at the State Beach Park at San Pedro and Harbor Ave @2:00.

There will be groups for both Sprinters and Distance runners.

This is a great opportunity to meet some of your teammates and coaches while getting a heard start on the season ahead.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt at:

or call: 650-678-3681.

Social Run this Sunday – NOTE TIME CHANGE – 1:00pm

What a great turn out for our Social Run last Sunday!

This Sunday, we’ll be meeting again and hope to have an even better turn out. We will be meeting at the State Beach Park at San Pedro and Harbor Ave @1:00.

There will be a groups for both Sprinters and Distance runners.

This is a great opportunity to meet some of your teammates and coaches while getting a heard start on the season ahead.

Looking forward to kicking of the year!

If you have any questions, please contact Matt at:

or call: 650-678-3681.


This is open to everyone - so even if you are on the wait list for the 2015 Ventura Tigres, we encourage you to come down while we work to get you registered for the season!

First Social Run of 2015

The first Social Run of the year will be this Sunday at 2:00. We will be meeting at the State Beach Park at San Pedro and Harbor Ave.

For returning athletes, come see some familiar faces (teammates and coaches) while getting a heard start on the season ahead. If you are new to Tigres or thinking about signing up on January 5th, this an opportunity to see what Tigres is about.

Bring a friend who might be considering Tigres!!!

Looking forward to kicking of the year!

If you have any questions, please contact Matt at:

or call: 650-678-3681.


In 10 days, OPEN REGISTRATION for 2015 Ventura Tigres will begin - be ready January 5th when we send out emails inviting those who have requested to be notified to sign up!  Last year we had one age group fill to capacity on the same day and the rest promptly followed.

To get notified, add your email address in the field on the top of our homepage and click subscribe (

PRIORITY REGISTRATION FAMILIES! That means just 10 days left to register. If you didnt receive your emails we have been sending out, had difficulty getting signed up or if you have any questions please let us know!

Registration for 2015 is now live! (Priority Families only!)

Check your emails for instructions to get registered for the 2015 season! Priority registration runs from now until January 4th. If you dont receive it soon, please let us know @

If you are new to Tigres and want to sign up, then please enter your email address below, doing so is the best way to get notified as soon as OPEN REGISTRATION begins on January 5th!:


The 2014 season has begun and we are no longer able to accept new athletes.
(*This is the only advance notification we provide other than updates to this website. If you wish to sign up for Tigres, then you should add yourself to this list)

Email Address *

(*excluding Priority/Returning families - if you are currently registered with Tigres, please do not add yourself to this list)

See you all in February!