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Kristin Daw

Bantams- Picture Day on Wednesday

Team pictures will be taken during practice time on Wednesday.  Please be sure to wear uniforms to practice – uniform top, black shorts.  If athletes would like to wear a shirt under their singlet, please make it white or black.


Bantams- end of season planning info

I am so incredibly proud of all of our athletes for the performances, their support of each other, and their incredible attitudes this weekend. Your Bantam coaches are a lucky crew!!


I cannot believe it, but we only have two regular meets left before we start the Championship meets.


  • April 20th and 27th are our final regular meets (both home meets!).
  • May 4th is the Conference Finals (open to all athletes). This will be the last meet for many of our athletes.
  • May 11th is the Conference Championships (athletes must qualify during our regular season).
  • May 18th is the Co-Conference Championships (athletes must qualify through the Conference Championship meet on May 11th).


In order to qualify for the May 11th Conference Championships, an athlete needs to be in the Top 9 in the VCYTC in the 100, 200, 400, long jump, high jump, or shot put or in the Top 12 in the VCYTC in the 800 or 1600. Qualifying for the Conference Championships is an incredible achievement, and we really want to see as many of our athletes as possible be part of this meet.


Please look at the following link to see where the best opportunities are for each athlete. If qualifying is something that your athlete wants to achieve, then help guide them in choosing their events in the next two meets.


I am sure there will be lots of questions, so please do not hesitate to ask.


Thanks for all of the support,

Coach Kristin


Bantams – Saturday recap and Sunday info

Hi Bantam families,


Such a fun first day at the Invitational!! We had some fast times out there, and many PRs were set! So much fun to watch!!


Tomorrow we have several athletes advancing to the finals:


100 – Brody Torres


4X100 Girls – Brynn, Ainsley, Lyla, Olivia

4×100 Girls  – Maia, Rebecca, Kailey C., Dara


4X100 Boys – Chance, Kylen, Bryce, Brody


The meet is at Oxnard High School with a start time of 8:30.


The order of events is: Invitational Order of Events 2019


Hurdles Finals (this will be fast)

4×100 Finals (this will be fast)


100 Finals (this will be fast)


200 Hurdles


Parking was crowded today, so leave plenty of time for parking and to get your athlete situated. We are first in the 1500. Please have them on the field by 8:00 if they are running in that first race.


I am looking forward to another fun day tomorrow,

Coach Kristin

Bantams – Invitational info

Hi Bantam families,


I am looking forward to a fun weekend at the Southern California Youth Invitational!


A few reminders:


  • The meet location is at Oxnard High School
  • The first Bantam events are the Boys long jump and Boys and Girls shot put. These events start at 8:30, and these athletes should arrive around 8:00 so they can get situated and warmed up before the start time. 
  • The first running Bantam event is the 100, but that follows both the 3000 (the 3000 should take about 1.25 – 1.5 hours) and the hurdles.
  • Please refer to the Invitational order of events for your arrival time (be certain to check the field event times). We expect parking to be tight so leave plenty of time to park and find the Tigres area for the athletes to sit. 
  • Coaches are not allowed on the field at the invitational, and there are no event stickers. Your athlete will just give their name at staging, and will be placed in their pre-seeded heat.
  • I am so excited to watch our incredible group of kids perform!
  • So Cal Youth Invitational 2019


Please feel free to call or text with any questions.


Coach Kristin

(805) 766-7171

Bantams – Invitational Sign Ups

Hi Bantam families,


The deadline for the Southern California Youth Invitational sign-ups is rapidly approaching. If your athlete wants to be part of a relay team, either the 4×100 or the 4×400, I need their sign-ups by today. If they are only participating in Individual events, I need their sign-up by practice time on Wednesday.


The following athletes have NOT yet signed up:


Madeline A.

Lily F.

Lucy H.

Phoenix H.

Hannah I.

Brooke L.

Auden M.

Rosetta M.

Leela M.

Ellie N.

Audrey R.

Ava S.

Hannah S.

Avery W.


Andre A.

Anders B.

Maxwell B.

Anders C.

Christian G.

Nathan G.

Brennan K.

Ryan K.

Steven M.

Roscoe M.

Dylan N.

Henry O.

Oscar P.

Jack S.


Feel free to email me or text me (805)766-7171 with their events.

2019 So Cal Youth Invitational

They can do a MAX of 2 individuals and 1 relay or 1 individual and 2 relays.


Please let me know if you have any questions. Also, if they have already signed up, you are welcome to email me and verify what events they chose.


Thank you all,

Coach Kristin

Bantams – So Cal Youth Invitational Sign-ups

Hi Bantam families,

What an awesome track meet our athletes had yesterday! We have so much fun watching them give it their all on the track, and love all the laughter and endless games of sticker ball between their events 🙂

This week we have the Southern California Youth Invitational at Oxnard High School. Last week I sent out a (really long LOL) email about the upcoming weekend. Typically, I like it when the athletes sign themselves up for their events, but since the Invitational takes place over both Saturday and Sunday, please have a conversation with them before they sign up.

2019 So Cal Youth Invitational

The MAX event number for this meet is 2 individual and 1 relay OR 1 individual and 2 relays. Unfortunately, the 4×400 is NOT free and all running and field events count towards their total.

If they are doing a relay, they MUST have their sign-ups completed by practice on Tuesday. If they are only signing up for individual events, their sign-ups MUST be in by the end of practice on Wednesday. The Invitational is a seeded meet which makes it unlike our normal dual meets, and there can be no additions made after practice on Wednesday.

Please feel free to email me ( or text me (805)766-7171 with their events or with any questions that you may have.

Thanks so much!

Coach Kristin







Bantams – Meet #4 @ Moorpark HS

Hi Bantam families,

Just some reminders for our meet tomorrow:

  • We are running with the Moorpark Striders tomorrow at Moorpark High School   4500 Tierra Rejada Rd. in Moorpark 
  • Please have your athletes ready to go and on the track by 8:00.
  • It looks like our weather may heat up a bit tomorrow so please send them with plenty of water, sunscreen, their labeled sweats, and healthy and easy to digest snacks. Water is allowed on the field, but all food must be kept in the stands.


  • Relay help: I am still looking for two girl runners that want to run the 4×400, I have six that signed up and need two more so we can run two girl teams. I am also looking for two more boys to run the 4×100.


We can’t wait to watch them run!

See you tomorrow,

Coach Kristin

(805) 766-7171

Bantams – Moorpark 4/6 Sign ups

Hi All,

We have had some fun, but tiny practices this week! I still need sign-ups for this Saturday (April 6th at Moorpark HS  for the following athletes:

Bella B.

Kailey C.

Lucy H.

Hannah I.

Brynn K.

Evelyn M.

Sabrina M.

Leela M.

Rebecca M.

Ellie N.

Audrey R.

Bailey R.

Hannah S.

Mikayla V.

Avery W.

Andre A.

Anders B.

Maxwell B.

Jasper D.

Carsten D.

Ben F.

Nathan G.

Owen K.

Ryan K.

Ethan M.

Gresham M.

Henry O.

Jack S.

Michael W.

I will not be at Specialty practice tomorrow, so please email me ASAP with their events or text me at (805) 766-7171.

Thanks so much!

Coach Kristin

Bantams – So Cal Youth Invitational 4/13 and 4/14

Hi Bantam families,


This weekend (April 6th) we are competing at Moorpark High school and it is a typical dual meet.


The next weekend of April 13th and 14th is our two day So Cal Youth Invitational where we get the opportunity to compete with all the athletes in our league as well as the SCYTFC teams.  Please read the information below


April 13th and 14th is the Southern California Youth Invitational held this year at Oxnard High School.


This meet is a “can’t miss” experience for all athletes.  It is NOT an “elite only” meet, all athletes can attend and it is a great chance for all of our athletes to set PR’s.  There are over 15 teams and close to 2,000 athletes of all levels that participate. Athletes are placed in heats with competitors very close to their own ability, which means great competition.  Great competition usually equates to great performances!


It is a two day meet and athletes can choose up to 3 events.

  • They can do up to 2 individual events (running and field events both count as individual events), plus one relay


  • They can do 2 relays and 1 individual event.  
  • They can also do less than 3 events if they choose.
  • The 4X400 is NOT a free event at this meet.


Event sign ups must be completed by the end of practice on Wednesday April 10th.  Socal Youth Invitational meet is unlike our normal dual meets where athletes can be added on the spot or right up until the until the meet.  Athletes must sign up prior to the event.


If you are unable to get to practice prior to the deadline you can email the information to or text to 805-766-7171 sign up your athlete.


The events and their order are listed below:


Event Limits: Bantam, Midget & Youth may participate in up to 2 individual events plus 1 relay, or 1 individual event plus 2 relays. Intermediates / Young Women & Men: up to 3 individual events. STRICTLY ENFORCED (sanction for over–eventing, is DQ for all events participated in).



SATURDAY, April 13th (First event starts 8:30 am)

3000m Finals (MG, MB, YG, YM, IG, IB, YW, YM)

100 / 80m Hurdles Semi-Finals (YM, IB, YB, YW, IG, YG, MG, MB)*

100m Semi-Finals (BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM) * Semi-finals front & backside

800m Finals (BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM)

4x100m Semi-Finals (BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM)*

200m Finals (BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM)

***Any Saturday Semi-Final event which has 8 or fewer participants will be run as Finals on Saturday***

SUNDAY, April 14th (First event starts 8:30 am)

1500m Finals (BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM)

80/100m Hurdles Finals (YM, IB, YB, YW, IG, YG, MG, MB)

4x100m Finals (BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM)

400m Finals (BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM)

100m Finals (BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM)

200m Hurdles Finals (YG, YB, IB, YW. YM)

4x400m Relay Finals (BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM)



Timed Open Pit Format (Athletes are to start & finish between hours indicated) No bar lowering in high jump



Long Jump

8:30 am – 11:00 am      BB- Pit1 MG Pit 2

11:15 am- 1:45 pm        MB- Pit 1 BG- Pit 2

High Jump

8:30 am – 11:00 am      MB, MG

11:15 am- 1:45 pm        BB, BG

Shot Put

8:30 am – 11:00 am      BG, BB

11:15 am- 1:45 pm       MG, MB



Long Jump

8:30 am – 11:00 am      YB- Pit1 YG Pit 2

11:15 am- 1:45 pm        IB/YM- Pit 1 IG/YW- Pit 2

High Jump

8:30 am – 11:00 am      IB, YW, IG, YW

11:15 am- 1:45 pm        YB, YG

Shot Put

8:30 am – 11:00 am      IB, YW, IG, YW

11:15 am- 1:45 pm        YB, YG


Please look over the order of events and the days carefully to be sure you understand if you will be there 1 or both days.  Some events (for Bantams the 4×100 and the 100) have prelims and finals, so please keep that in mind. The first day typically lasts until 4:00 and the second day typically finishes around 2:00.


I am certain that there will be questions, so please do not hesitate to ask!



Bantams – upcoming week 4/1 – 4/6

Good Morning Bantam families,

Just a quick reminder that even with the VUSD Spring break holiday this week, we still have a full week of team and specialty practices.

If your athlete is going to be out of town, please email me with the events that they would like to compete in on Saturday, April 6th at Moorpark. If they are NOT going to attend the meet, please email me that too.

See you soon,


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